French Foreign Legion now

French Foreign Legion — a unique elite military unit, part of the French armed forces. Today it has more than 8 thousand legionaries, who represent 136 countries, including France. The same for all of them is the service of France at the highest level of Professor.

Creating a legion associated with the name of King Louis Philippe I, which in 1831 he signed a decree on the development of one of the military units, of which was to include several existing regiments. The main aim of the new formation was carrying out military missions beyond French borders. For the realization of command officers were recruited from the army of Napoleon, and in the men perceive not only the natives of Italy, Spain or Switzerland, but also French nationals, in which there were certain prepyadstviya with the law. So Makar, the French government getting rid of potentially unsafe people who not only had significant military experience, and may use them in the criteria of political inconstancy inside the country.

This policy of the king was very logical. The fact that foreign players were preparing for a large-scale campaign of colonization of Algeria, which sought a huge number of troops. But at the same time, France could not send to Africa's own citizens. That's why were recruited in legion foreigners living in the districts of Paris.

At about the same time period and have the appearance of tradition not to ask the real names of the new fighter. Many desperate people have the opportunity to start life anew, to dispose of the past.

At present, the rules also allow anonymous legion reception fighter. As before volunteers do not ask no name or country of residence. After a couple of years of service for each Legionnaire is possible to obtain French citizenship and start a completely new life with the latest naming.

It should be noted that the first foreign players rule — never give up. This tradition was started in 1863, when three legionnaires held over two thousand well-armed fighter of Mexican army. But, taken captive, thanks to the courage and valor of their own, they soon with honors were released.

As at the time of his own French Foreign Legion base is under specific control of the head of the country.

Modern Foreign Legion is composed of tank, infantry and engineering units. Its structure comes seven regiments, among which eminent and airborne commandos with GCP, 1st Special Detachment, a demi-brigade and 1st Training Regiment.

Legion units deployed in the Comoros (Mayotte peninsula), in North-East Africa (Djibouti), Corsica, French Guiana (Kourou), and particularly in France.

The peculiarity of the French Legion would be that it is not allowed ladies. Contracts are only peasants at the age of 18-40 years. Initially, the contract is for 5 years. All of the following contracts can be concluded for periods ranging from six months to 10 years. In the first five years can be achieved the rank of corporal, but the officer can only be a man with French citizenship. The basic structure unit officers — this is usually the military personnel who have completed military training institutions and elected as a place of service legion.

Since in almost all countries of the world mercenary is a criminal offense, then there is only a set of points in France. For all who want to join the legion being tested, which consists of three steps: psychotechnical, physical and honey. In addition, separately with each recruit is interview, during which you need to correctly and truthfully tell his life story. The interview is conducted in three steps, and each step is a repetition of the previous one. So Makar, a typical inspection is carried out "for lice."

Foreign volunteers can just figure out on a snow-white head-dress, though it is worn only ordinary. Color divisions — greenish and reddish.

Today in the Legion are serving about 7 and a half thousand fighter. Preparing fighter allows them to conduct operations in the criteria for the jungle, the dark time of day. They are trained to carry out special operations to neutralize the terrorists and rescue the hostages. But the main task for today Legionnaires is to prevent war. They are designed to conduct evacuation of civilians from the combat zone, to provide humanitarian assistance to restore infrastructure in areas of natural disasters.

Thus, there is information that French foreign legion has provided support to the harsh ground operations during the events in Libya. In August 2011, the Legion managed to eliminate the supply base fuel and food, which was the basis for Gaddafi. According to some reports, several companies of the Legion were thrown pouring in from Tunisia or Algeria. A little wound in the Az-Zawiyah Foreign Legion with small losses could break into the center of the town, providing open access to his fighters from Benghazi. Command of the Legion hoped to raise the Berber population to revolt, but did not succeed.

The role of the French Legion in the Libyan war, strongly denied by the official authorities of France, despite the fact that the press extensively discusses the issue. This position is completely clear of Paris, as though any intrusion on the terrain Libya would be contrary to the UN resolution regarding this country, which only refers to the closure of air space. A similar situation was before, when in 1978 in Zaire, the French Government has recognized that the Foreign Legion took part in an armed conflict only after the legionnaires in discharging their goal.

The "Arab Spring" has shown that foreign troops are in almost all areas of conflict. Apart from Libya, the French Legion took part in the military operations on the ground in Syria. So, in Homs was arrested 150, and in Zadabani — 120 French legionnaires in the main paratroopers and snipers. While no one can confirm that it was specifically legionnaires this assumption is completely reasonable, since this unit is equipped with the people of not only France, and other countries. So Makar, France again has the opportunity to argue that the French people in Syria is not.

Another place, which also marked French Foreign Legion — a conflict that erupted in Côte d'Ivoire. One gets the impression that France has put himself in front of the goal to make yourself the most brutal image of the entire European continent. Very often Paris starts the game "on a grand scale", ignoring the interests of its own allies in the North Atlantic alliance. In April 2011 the French paratroopers occupied the airport economic capital of Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan. So Makar, the total number of French military corps engaged there was about 1400 people.

The total number of UN peacekeepers in the country is 9 thousand people, among them the French were only 900 people. France without the help of others decided to increase the number of its own military corps, without coordinating with the Office of the UN. French military base housing — Overseas military legion, are already in the past couple years are participating in the operation "Unicorn." In addition, the French government announced that arrived in Côte d'Ivoire contingent conducts coordination with the troops unoci, so makarom virtually recognizing that except for "Unicorn", France and conducts its own independent operation in the area of the country.

So Makar, the French
Foreign legion sent to areas where France is seeking to protect its interests under either "under the guise of" the European Union or NATO, also where there is a certain historical obligations or threat to the life of French people.

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