French infantry fighting vehicles from the company Nexter Systems and Renault Trucks

In the course of the exhibition Eurosatory-2012 arms representatives of the French municipal defense (DGA) announced their intention to order to put the French army four hundred infantry fighting vehicles later this month. Bimbo BMP (Fr. VBCI) is now Nexter Systems jointly with Renault Trucks. French waiting for the state defense order for 630 cars.

At the current time the French VBCI successfully used by the French contingent in Afghanistan (as in Lebanon), where he showed his operational ability with the best hand. Namely, machine substantiate its higher mobility and power, precision fire, the highest level of protection and the possibility of improvement, allowing it to constantly adapt to new threats.

First VBCI descended from the assembly flow in 2008, the last will be delivered to the French army in 2015. BMP is going on the industrial site Nexter in Rouen, in the heart of France. In the year that is about hundreds of cars. Production programm BMP provides companies with Nexter Systems, Reno Trucks and their subcontractors more than 8 million working hours.

Machine has a 8×8 and is available in 2-versions: command-and-staff car and actually infantry fighting vehicle. Modification of BMP, 520 of which have been ordered for delivery in the French army, armed with a 25mm gun and holds eleven fighter. With the greatest fighting weight of about 30 tons, VBCI achieves speeds of 100 km / h The machine can be transported in a military transport aircraft A400M. The real "home" for the Marines, VBCI provides supreme protection, including NBC. BMP armor protects the machine from medium-caliber projectiles and shrapnel. In addition, it provides the highest degree of protection against mines and improvised explosive devices.

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