French Panhard VBL Mk 2 is moving to Russia

The company «Panhard», the main manufacturer of armored car series «VBL», was based in 1886 and more than half a century engaged in the creation of ordinary passenger cars destination. Last passenger car was released in the 70s of the last century. Around the same time part of the company was absorbed by the auto giant "Citroen". In 2004 «Panhard», due to competition in the market of armored vehicles, the company was bought out by «Auverland» subsidiary of "Peugeot". But because of a decent name and fame of armored vehicles, it was decided to throw the name «Panhard» the combined company.

Beginning of development of armored vehicle «VBL» 90 years of the 20th century. Joined the French army in 1990. Moderate fame carries armored vehicles in 1985, military orders for armored Mexico car series "M11". A very large order of armored vehicles produced by «Panhard» French Defense Ministry did in 2002 — more than 500 pieces of equipment. In 2006, the French military make another big order — more than 90 units of armored reconnaissance vehicles series «VBL2L». Just got hold of the French for their own army of about 1,800 pieces of equipment series «VBL». Last, the export order for series machines «« VBL »was produced in 2004 by the United Arab Emirates.

Serial output data armored vehicles lasts to this day, the main customer base for its armed forces.
According to unofficial data, in March of this year, the security service of the Russian Federation "FSB" the beginning of the negotiation dialogue with the company «Panhard» for the delivery of border units 500 series machines «VBL MK2». The likely contract worth about 240-270 million dollars.
The consistent creation of mass-produced armored vehicles for France means excellent economic performance and, as it follows the continued renovation of the park armored forces until 2020, yes. After all, the French military to increase the number of armored vehicles series «VBL», and in 2005 the figure is 58 percent.

The contract with the Russian special services exactly to increment the figure for a few 10 s per cent, but still too early to read, because the absolute belief in the time of signing the contract as yet to be no.

First occurrence of a series of armored vehicles «VBL MK2» of «Panhard» world's Specialty saw on machinery to ensure gosbezopastnosti "Interpolitex — 2010."

Lightly armored machine Series «VBL» is armed in the armies of more than 15 states and in the main set up for surveillance, reconnaissance and support order, can be applied to enhance the anti-reflection protection or attack from the air. At this hour of armored vehicles «VBL» one of the most common in military units of the Army of France and more than 15 years, used to resolve armed conflicts. Geography introduction of French armored vehicles is impressive — Afghanistan, Lebanon, Africa and Kosovo. The entire park is a series of armored vehicles «VBL» today passed the mark of 2,350 units.

The main characteristics of an armored vehicle «VBL MK2»:
— weight 4.1 tons;
— diesel engine of 2.1;
— weight of 0.9 tons of weapons systems;
— length of 4 meters;
— width of 2 meters;
— height of 1.7 meters;
— 3 person team car;
— average speed of 80 km / h;
— Bus XZL with the possibility of moving to a flat tire;
— possibility of crossing aqua-bottlenecking at speeds up to 10 km / h;
— integrated kondyuk;
— central tire inflation system.

Armored Vehicles Series «VBL»:
VBL MILAN — Anti-armored machine with a rocket launcher and teplovizovom, ammunition 6 missiles.

VBL ERYX — anti-armor machine with a rocket launcher «ERYX» and thermal «MIRABEL», 7.62 mm machine gun, ammo 1200 rounds.

VB2L POSTE DE COMMANDEMENT — Armored car commanders. Equipped with «VHF» 2 «PR4G». Weapons — machine gun 7.62 mm ammunition rounds in 1400. Special equipment — the workstation board cards, folding table, auxiliary battery, allowing to operate all systems up to 8 hours, 4 folding chairs.

VBL RECO 12.7 — Armored car reconnaissance and troop support. Armament — caliber M2 machine gun 12.7 mm multiple rocket launcher Mine «FLY-K (PL 127)," with the rate of fire of 375 rounds / min.

VBL AT4CS — anti-armor car close combat. Weapons — grenade «AT4CS» caliber 84 mm, 7.62 mm machine gun, ammunition rounds in 1400.

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