French promising ATRA «Missile Moyenne Portee»

In the past year, representatives of the euro group «MBDA» announced the launch applets «Missile Moyenne Portee» this year for a change in service with the French Army anti-tank systems "Milan" promising anti-missile system.

New «MMP» will have to be quite versatile means of destruction on the battlefield. They will be provided with over-precision targeting and destruction. A destructive force in the various different sources — from 2.5 to 8 km on the ground fixed and mobile targets right up to the last generation of tanks. On the website of «MBDA» specified range to 4 km for «MMP» and 8 km for «MLP / MHP». In the development of anti-tank complex will have benefited from the introduction ATRA "Milan" by French soldiers in Afghanistan. ATRA «MMP» will «LOS» and «NLOS» — the possibility of introducing a closed and open positions.

The missiles will be managed with 2 methods:
— shot and forgotten (infrared guidance);
— Command guidance, rocket controlled remotely by means of an optical device for fiber optic cable.

Budding ATRA «MMP» will be one hundred percent compatible with the networks of the type «Felin» and is positioned as the likely replacement languid ATRA «Haut subsonique Optiquement teleguide tire d'un Tube».

In 2012, the last summer of arms exhibition «Eurosatory 2012» MBDA provided for review by recycled materials programmke «MMP». It is being developed exclusively for the French Army — French Defense Ministry signed a one-year contract with MBDA for mining and technical documentation of a promising anti-tank systems. Until the end of 2013 evrokontsern must complete the testing of all of the technologies for the creation of a new anti-tank systems, such as fiber-optic control of a rocket, the aerodynamic scheme missiles. After providing technical project MBDA hopes to get this contract for the development of ATRA «MMP». For 2014 year Tests are planned layout. With adoption of a military department of France will order about 500 of the latest anti-tank missiles and 3 thousand. It is expected that new ATRA will be provided by the French infantry units by 2017, with a gradual withdrawal of the "old" ATRA "Milan".

Evrokontsern hopes that after adopting a new SW France ATRA is successfully exported, amounting konkurentnst South American and Israeli counterparts.

Representatives of MBDA at Eurosatory 2012 told about the features of the developed anti-complex:
— the possibility of introducing anti-tank systems with limited space such as an enclosed space;
— range of small introduction — 150 meters;
— introduction largest range — 4 km;
— effective implementation of distance — 2.5 km;

ATGM "MMP" will receive the guidance system of the combined type. Heat seeker (or body) and Television execution, development division «Sagem» IIR type with inertial guidance and command over fiber optic cable.

Have been proved previously announced guidance methods "fire and forget" and "command guidance". Also rocket guidance will be provided when firing from the closed position, retargeting missiles in flight and make complex maneuvers line of motion of the flight.

The missile will hit the selected objects from the top, will be installed warhead tandem hollow. The launcher will have a weight of about 12 kg excluding the weight of the guided missile — 15 pounds.

Rocket itself will be built in versions of "MMP" and "MNT". MNT — version of the missile to equip armored vehicles. She will not use the command guidance. Purpose missiles is the same as in the versions "MWD." Range greatest Study — 8-10 km and weighs about 30 pounds missiles. Length heaviest version 1.7 meters.

Guided missiles will have a total warhead, the total capital equipment and the overall width (more than 50 per cent of the equipment and units). Division evrokontserna «Roxel» rocket engine designs, a division «SBDS» develops a tandem shaped-charge warhead, a division «MEXANS» develops compartment and fiber production system.

In 2012 it was allocated for the development of programs from «MMP» about 24.5 million dollars.

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