French SAM «Crotale-NG»

Complex "Crotale"-NG is designed to monitor the air space at short distances, their assessment of threats and outbound decisions using their own weapons. Has the ability to track multiple air targets and firing on them at least some days of weather and NIGHT MODE.

Main objectives of SAM «Crotale-NG»:
— cover offensive operations with the introduction of the heavy armored vehicles;
— Protection Trust objects and terrain from air attacks;
— mobile anti-aircraft defense of a particular object.

History SAM «Crotale-NG»:
The history of the creation of the anti-missile system begins with the creation of the complex «Crotale» in 1964 by the French company «Thomson-CSF/Matra».
Now there is a subsequent modification of the complex:
— Crotale — is the base model;
— Naval Crotale — is a modification of a ship, used in the French Navy;
— Cactus — a special modification, custom-made aircraft in South Africa in 1969, also supplied weapons to Chile. Basic introduction — anti-aircraft defense of air bases;
— Shahine — is a special modification for the government of Saudi Arabia, created in 1979, the start of delivery to the customer in 1982. It is used in aircraft Saudi Arabia.
— Crotale-NG-modern updating SAM «Crotale».

Serial production of SAM «Crotale-NG» starts in 1990. The first batch of French complexes of 20 units acquired Finland.
The estimated price of the finished (not mobile) complex eight million euros.
In 1998, Greece enters into a contract in the amount of one billion francs for the supply of 11 units for its own armed forces (two SAMs for the Navy and Air Force for nine SAM).
Now SAM «Crotale-NG» intensely made and issued by «Thomson-CSF/Matra».

The composition of SAM
SAM tower weighing 4.8 tons, actuated by an electric power, is equipped with subsequent decisions:
— Surveillance radar TRS2630 (E spectrum) with built-in query "friend or foe". Determine the horizontal distance of 20 km, distance to determine the height of 5 km. Has the ability to automatically track up to 8 targets;
— tracking radar (J spectrum), the range of setting goals (soaring at speeds up to 2,500 km / h) horizontally up to 30 km. Has improved noise immunity;
— Optical and electronic equipment:
Imager «Castrol Thermal» with detection range of 10 to 19 km depending on the weather criterion;
Infrared range finder;
Daytime television camera «; Mascot CCD TV camera» with detection range up to 15 km.
— With 2 triggering devices with 4 missiles «VT-1" each.

SAM is mounted on wheeled or tracked platform. The main landing gear used on M113 armored personnel carrier, AMX-30B infantry fighting vehicle «KIFV» and "Bradley".
SAM «Crotale-NG» absolutely autonomous, from detection to destruction of air targets. The crew just need to make only twice recognition. Complex reaction time — 5 seconds. Taking the time to detection, tracking and destruction of air targets (flying at a speed of 1000 km / h) at a distance of 13,000 meters, is 15 seconds.
The recapture of goals takes about 1-2 seconds. At the theoretical level, you can hit two different groups of air targets the full amount of up to 8 units.
The time it takes to reload launchers, equal to 10 minute time frame.
Used for loading freight loading vehicle on the chassis of the Finnish company «SISU».
Anti-aircraft missile systems, combined in a battery can lead to coordinated interaction mode. Is an automatic process data for decision-making rational rassredotachivaniya purposes.

Weapons complex:
SAM «Crotale-NG» armed with rockets Vought-Thomson «« VT-1 ", made by LTV, according to the contract, the company« Thomson-CSF ». Start designing rockets in 1986. The guidance system of electron-optical. Range managed prompting 10,000 km, up to 3.5 M.

The main performance characteristics of the complex:
range defeat 500-10000 meters;
— Height defeat 15-6000 meters;
— striking target floating at up to 1800 km / h;
— the total number of missiles — 8 units;
— 73 kilogram weight of the rocket;
— type of fragmentation warhead, with the directed action;
— Warhead weight 14 kg;
— homing missiles — radio command or optical.

Additional information

First held in 2008 successful tests the latest update — SAM «Crotale Mk.3». During the test, rocket «VT1» twice hit the target — at an altitude of about 1,000 meters and distance of 8 km in 11 seconds and at an altitude of 0.5 km and 15 km distance in 35 seconds.

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