French Scorpion for Russian teams?

After a visit to France nedavneshnego Chief Commander of the Air Force (Air Base visited the Mont-de-Marsan) in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the fighter regiment "Normandie-Niemen", also visits the Chief of General Staff and the Commander of the Navy weapons exhibition Euronaval, first visit to France in November Commander of the Land Forces General Vladimir Chirkin. The program of the visit will be the Scorpion, reports informed French newsletter TTU. Russian military show for it enthusiasm for two reasons.

First, Russian General Staff shows enthusiasm to new formats brigades taken in the major Western countries, especially the French tactical inter-species groups (GTIA). GTIA seen as a fascinating example to study in an already running process "brigadizatsii" Russian army. And so it may be interested in acquiring technology "building blocks" of the system Scorpion (Programm Scorpion provides for the establishment by 2025 of "digital" teams that are capable of conducting network-centric military operations — approx. A.2). In addition, the enthusiasm of the Russian Federation is known to the system equipment FELIN, and command and control system Finders C2 produced by Nexter.

In general, the development of these themes for the next few months may be suspended because of political differences between the countries, with 2 against the Syrian issue, says French the source.

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