French shipbuilding company DCNS unveiled at the show Euronaval 2012 the concept of the modern submarine SMX 26

French shipbuilding company DCNS for the first time presented at the Salon "Euronaval 2012" the concept of the modern Underwater Boats SMX 26. This midget submarine boat (SMPL) is designed to act in shallow coastal areas that are inaccessible to ordinary submarines.

SMX 26 can be located without moving a long period of time in an appropriate coastal shallow areas of the least depth of 15 meters, by monitoring their surroundings, and then to storm its purpose tool available on board.

The main power plant has two shafts, resulting in action two propellers, and the exact same four retractable motor to move in azimuth.

Thanks to the retractable landing gear boat can be located on the waters of days in a stable position, getting air and charging the batteries using throw out onto the surface of the flexible hoses.

With the installed sensors on board the boat can be monitored as per the above-water and Underwater setting.

Boat can also carry up to 6 frogmen. In the two-mast boat integrated weapon systems: 20-mm cannon to support action against surface targets, and missile container for defense against air targets.

The main offensive weapons are 2 and 8 languid light torpedoes with massive warheads.

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