French soldiers began receiving equipment of the future

In France, began delivery of equipment "fighter the future " FELIN (Fantassin a Equipements et Liaisons Integres) permanent parts, reports Defense Aerospace. Newest first gear 4 October 2010 were soldiers of the 1st Infantry Regiment in Sarrebourg. In total, the troops have so far been delivered 875 sets FELIN.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Defence of France, the soldiers of the 1st Infantry Regiment in the spring of 2011 to begin training in the use of combat gear criteria, and by the end of the year will be focused in Afghanistan. In total, the French Army has ordered 22,688 sets FELIN totaling billions of euros. The creation of complex equipment involved 25 companies, chief among which is the French Sagem.

The composition FELIN includes gun, ammunition, body armor, a helmet with 2 monitors and a microphone, communication and data sharing, a laptop computer, a receiver GPS, batteries, and daily intake of food and water products. The total mass of the 1st set of about 25 kg. In addition Sagem produces kits to recharge BATTERY FELIN, which can be mounted on armored AMX-10P, VBCI and VAB.

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