Frightening details of contact with aliens ancient humans

April 16, 2012 11:45

In the ancient Indian tradition speaks of a mysterious creature that "once there was a settlement kayapos." Aborigines call it Bep Kororoti. The stranger was wearing a "Bo" — a suit that covers him from head to toe. He was holding a "cop", "weapons of thunder." When this creature came into the village, the people terribly frightened and hid.

However, there were brave men, who began to attack the intruder.

Frightening details of contact with aliens ancient humans

But they failed to cause at least some harm "messenger of heaven." Their clubs and spears just crumbled when in contact with the "bo". Bep Kororoti was "good god." To demonstrate its power to people, he raised "cop — weapons of Thunder", sent him on a tree, and it has turned into dust, sent him on a rock, and he crumbled.

Bep Kororoti stayed in the village and I was there for many years. He taught people to consider, showed how wound healing, improved methods of hunting and brought many changes in the life of the tribe. However, hunting with the others, he never "ate food kayapos." After a while, "the messenger of heaven" married, choosing a spouse in a young girl of the tribe, and soon Bep Kororoti had children.

Tradition notes that new kayapos were "not like everyone else," and much smarter than other people. Bep Kororoti made sure that the knowledge he passed on to the tribe, not lost. To do this, he "gathered a few young people and taught them all kinds of tricks." Once the "messenger of heaven went to a high mountain to climb with her to heaven." Almost all of the tribe followed him to carry out his benefactor. Bep Kororoti went up the mountain, where the "cloud came down to it, there was thunder, lightning flashed," dust and smoke enveloped the audience. "A burning cloud" and disappeared Bep Kororoti in celestial heights … Aborigines did not forget his "teacher."

To our times the Indians kayapos the custom by which the festivities are in honor of "God Bep Kororoti." Indians weave palm leaves funeral clothes, which symbolize the image of the deity, his suit "Bo." Kayapos dress in them and perform various ritual dances. In the hands of the dancers keep the palm sticks, which represent the mysterious weapon "cop." According to researchers, ritual clothing Indians strikingly resemble modern space suits.

In the legends of the tribe of Brazilian Indians tupanimba says Montagnier of the mighty God who created the universe and man. According to the legends of the tribe, the god Monan lived in those days among people who revered him. But then people started to "live not by precepts Mona" and ignore them. Enraged Monan went to heaven "in the huge sparkling cloud of fire", thinking there to punish people for their sins and transgressions. He is sent to Earth "heavenly fire" that destroyed all the people. Only one person spared Monan. His name was Ira-Mare, and he was pardoned for the "great reverence" deity. Once the fire ceased to rage, took Erin-Mare to wife one of the daughters Mona and went down to the ground to continue the human race.

A small tribe living on the banks of Hingham (tributary of the Amazon), in their legends tells the amazing information on the history of mankind. According to legend, in ancient times, people lived "on a distant star." One day all the people gathered on the star board to select a new location. One of the "Indians" told his brothers about the extraordinarily beautiful planet on which he was able to visit one day, going through the "hole" in the sky. After its Communication to the Council decided to resettle the Earth. The entire population of stars took to weave of cotton thread, on which they had to slow down to Earth. Soon, most of the "Indians" moved to "beautiful planet." The new inhabitants of the Earth by the mysterious threads were constantly in touch with the star of his remaining brothers. But the evil demon cut this thread, and the "Indians" was never more able to meet with their "star relatives."

Tales of African people, thousands of miles from America, also tell us about the events, surprisingly reminiscent of the legend of Brazilian Indians. In African mythology says that in ancient times, "children of God lived with his father in heaven in the world, wealth and happiness." But one day God decided to test their children and sent them to Earth, forbidding "is salt of the earth." Later, "Children of God" from the heavens on a thread that wove them to his father. But almost all the children have forgotten the covenant of her father and tried the "salt." When they decided to go up again to heaven, the thread broke, and they were forced to stay on Earth forever. Only one of the "sons" fulfilled covenant father and returned safely to heaven.

In the ancient Tibetan texts "Kandshur" and "Tandshur" stored in the caves of Buddhist monasteries, says about flying machines, like pearls in the sky and the transparent spheres in which "the yugas occasionally show people." The oldest written source, which contains descriptions of UFO sightings is papyrus, found in the collection of Professor A.Tulli, director of the Egyptian department of the Vatican Museum, which was written in the XV century. BC, during the reign of Thutmose III. In the papyrus reads: "In the twenty-second year, in the third month of winter at 6 pm House of Life scribes saw in the sky moving fire circle …
Its dimensions were elbow to elbow in the length and width … they fell down and was told to Pharaoh, and he thought of this event … After a few days these things in the sky became numerous and shone brighter than the sun … And Pharaoh with the army looked at them. By evening fire circles ascended higher and moved towards the south … From the sky fell volatile … This did not happen from the very foundations of the earth … And Pharaoh burn incense to the gods, and commanded to place the incident in the annals of the House of Life. "

Repeated mention of flying in the sky unknown disc-shaped objects found in the chronicles of the campaigns of Alexander the Great. The most interesting account is given in the "History of Alexander the Great," written by Giovanni Droysenom. It refers to 332 BC, when there was a siege of the Phoenician city of Tyre, the Macedonians. One day the camp Macedonians suddenly there were five "flying shields", moves across the sky triangular formation, and the object, moving the head, was about twice the rest.
In front of thousands of astonished warriors, these "shields" slowly circled over Tyre, and then have a flash of lightning, which formed holes in the walls. Overjoyed Macedonians rushed to the assault, and "flying shields" continued to hover over the city, until he was fully occupied. Then they went with great speed up and disappeared.

Any unknown flying objects were observed in ancient Greece. Thus, the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras, who lived in the V century. BC, saw the sky object the size of a large "log" that hung motionless for a few days and radiating an unusual glow.
Another Greek philosopher Seneca, who lived in the 1st century BC, in his book "Questions naturalism", wrote: "In this era often seen in the sky in the bright days of light beams that crossed the sky from east to west or vice versa … to This class contains the objects described Posidonius: pillars and billboards in flames, and other luminous objects … These lights appear in the sky, not only at night but during the day, and is neither a star nor of the heavenly bodies … ".

One of the characteristic descriptions placed in Greek history Plutarch. It says that in 102 BC the sky naditalyanskimi cities of America and there were huge Turdent darts and flaming "shields", which first moved separately and then joined together. However, some objects overtook each other, although they did not have much confrontation. Among the objects were moving bodies cigar and disk-shaped. The second case described by Plutarch, took place in 73 BC close to the Dardanelles, where the troops of the Roman general Lucullus and Bosporus King Mithridates prepared to join the battle: "… when suddenly out of the blue sky opened up and saw the big fire a body similar to the barrel, which raced down into the space between the two armies. Frightened by this sign, opponents went without a fight. "

Especially a lot of reports of mysterious flying objects circular found in the writings of Roman historians and writers: Julius Obsekuensa — 63, Tit Libya — 30, in Cicero — 9, Pliny the Elder — 26, in Dio Cassius — 14. Aristotle called them the heavenly disks, and Pliny in the second volume of his "Natural History" gave the following classification then observed luminous objects, "diskoidy" — disc-shaped amber color with a small amount of waste from them rays "pitei" — barrel-shaped or round; "serati" — shaped horns, "lamps" — in the form of a burning torch. In describing these objects Roman authors compared their usual with such known concepts such as the sun, moon, round shields, logs, etc. Overall, analysis of 50 works of Roman writers shows that they describe the appearance of lights in the sky — 39 times, flying "shields" — 11 Fireball — 8, two or more suns — 12, the night the "sun" — 5 and unknown objects — 7 times.

In ancient Christian sources also found the description of any unknown flying object resembling a modern UFOs. Thus, in chapter 5 of the book of the prophet Zechariah described the "flying barrel" and elsewhere in this book says that Zechariah saw in the sky object of cylindrical shape, about which an angel told Zacharias that it was "a curse that will forever hang over the Earth." In the book of Daniel says that he saw in the sky "wheels of fire." In the famous "Qumran Scrolls" is about how Eve saw a fiery chariot is flying through the clouds shining four eagle, and Adam, some of which landed that aircraft, clearly saw the wheels penetrated smoke. Remained very rare reports of sightings of unknown flying objects in the first centuries of our era.
Here is one of them: "In 235, in China over the location of the commander of troops Lianzha about Wei-Nana appeared bright-red" meteor ", coming from the north-east to south-west and dagger emits rays. Three times he landed the troops Lianzha and behind them, moving back and forth. "

Interestingly, in the traditions of the North American Indians, according to the candidate of historical sciences V. Bilinbahova, also mentioned in the ancient observation flight some round objects. Thus, in the Indian legends of Wyoming said that many moons ago from the sky sailed big "wheel" and landed on top of Shamanic mountains, and then flew away at a speed of a frightened bird. And in the Indian legends of Minnesota and Canada, said that "long before the Europeans arrived there were flying round the silent wagons which could land on the sea.

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These ancient artifacts have been found in more than 50 years ago in Central Mexico. Local people use most of the found items as decorations. According to some reports, these artifacts are domayyanskomu period.

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