In combat tasks Norwegian special forces FSK comes collecting disk imaging, detection of enemy action, the elimination of the policy objectives and rescuing hostages.

Norway is an active member of NATO and held strictly to the principle of collective security of NATO members, as an attack on all of them are guaranteed of receiving support from allies on the block. Indispensable partners for Norway are the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, England and the United States. See the descendants of the Vikings in battle soon become may be Medal of Honor Warfighter!
Forsvarets spesialkommando traces its history since the days of the second World War, when the English countryside were formed small special units that have been vseobyatnuyu commando and intelligence training. Their main task was to conduct special operations and sabotage of infrastructure facilities in Nazi-occupied Norway, are of fundamental strategic importance. After the second world special forces were disbanded, but 15 years later, cool war between East and West, entailed the growth of tension and external threats to Norway and NATO, led to the restoration of the Norwegian spetsnaza.V due to increased oil and gas production on the continental shelf and rise construction of oil platforms in the North Sea in 1981 as part of the Army Special Forces units were created counterterrorism division. The main objective of the latest taskforce was reliable protection from the Norwegian oil platforms risks of terrorist action, because special training FSK and puzzles to mid 90s were actually focused only on internal security.

Currently, the Norwegian special forces able to conduct the full range of special operations, and it consists of three tactical units. This Special Operations Command Norwegian Army Special Operations Command and the Norwegian Navy 137th Wing, formed as part of the Norwegian Air Force. Command Staff and consist of several maneuver squadrons, and the regiment also comes squadron service and combat support squadron services podderzhki.137 th Wing contains 12 transport helicopters to support special operations commandos during both areas of the country and beyond its predelami.V peacetime special forces are in the leadership of the respective branches of the armed forces who are responsible for providing resources and funding for these units. In general, defined FSK 5 tasks: special reconnaissance and surveillance, offensive, military assistance and special operations aviation combat terrorizmom.Osobaya exploration and observation conducted to collect disk imaging, which is then used in the planning and decision resheniy.Nastupatelnye operations contain currently attacking raids and act involving fire exposure, but may include fire support while fighting the enemy, which is carried out both from the ground and from the sea or even oil platforms.

Soldiers FSK perfectly equipped and armed by the support of NATO allies: used assault rifles Colt C8SFW, HK 417, HK 416, submachine gun MP5, sniper rifles and MSG-90 L115A1, pistols H & K USP Tactical, M320 grenade launchers and HK GMG, also much more. Operation to combat terrorism performed Norwegians are offensive nature and conducted in the public interest or the interests of allies in order to reduce vulnerability to terrorist attacks of their own forces, personnel and equipment. They contain including exemption zalozhnikov.FSK intensively participates in special operations on the ground in Afghanistan, together with units of the NATO states, as soon as an ally to fight the global threat can be written and other special forces from around the world — it remains only to wait for the Medal of Honor Warfighter !

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