Gallup: 5% of Belarusians receive remittances from abroad

From the survey conducted in 135 countries of the world by the sociological service Gallup in 2009 and 2010., Should be that 3 percent of people in the world receive economic assistance in the form of money orders or packages from someone with goods from abroad.

In 35 countries, the majority of which is in sub-Saharan Africa, the aid comes to more than 10% of families. For example — Somalia (40%), Zimbabwe (32%), Dominican Republic (26%), Senegal (22%).

In Belarus, according to Gallup, 5% of Belarusians are getting help from someone who is working abroad.

Other post-Soviet countries in these statistics are as follows — Moldova (24%), Tajikistan (21), Kyrgyzstan (15%), Armenia (13%), Georgia (9%), Lithuania (7%), Latvia (6%) , Estonia (5%), the rest — less than 5%.

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