Georezonatory — information systems of our ancestors

November 27, 2011 1:56

The basic experiment, which will be held in the anomalous zone Molebka is construction stone labyrinth — georezonatora. Director Nikolay Subbotin RUFORS speculated that the stone labyrinths of Karelia its helical structure to create passive antenna, which can increase energy fractures in the Earth's crust. Studies have shown that stone labyrinths are built on such sites, so N. Subbotin offered conditionally call them georezonatorami. Another discovery made by researchers RUFORS, is that the structure of the stone mazes in exactly the same longitudinal section of the human brain (resonance effect).

On the basis of this observation was the second assumption, that georezonatory were designed not only to enhance the energy flow coming out of the ground, and above all to enhance psychic abilities, is at the center georezonatora. The joint efforts of the participants will attempt to recreate the same stone labyrinth in the anomalous zone georezonator Molebka. For this experiment, take a lot of volunteers. After completion will be attempted artificial activation georezonatora.

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