Georgian man-magnet kept on a 50 spoons and a car hood. Video

December 14, 2011 16:26

Two unusual world records set in the Georgian capital. Man Magnet Etibar Elchiev pulled him 50 metal spoons, says ITRC "Peace."
Past achievements of the Guinness Book of Canadians belonged to Aaron Kayssi that held just something 17 covers.

 Then Georgian strongman held for half a minute on his chest hood of the car he was sitting quite big already buddy. Total cargo weight was 106 pounds. Etibar Elchiev said that he could have more, but "in the hall of the heat and the sweat interfere."
On our laurels Etibar Elchiev not going to stop. The next year he's going to have to lift 150 kilograms.

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