Ghosts and Ghost White House

October 19, 2011 22:41

Ghosts and Ghost White House

The richer the history of a place, the more likely that there zavedutsya ghosts. In the United States record for most ghosts is the White House. You can see the phantoms of the late president, and the specter of the demonic black cat, whose appearance is said to herald disaster of national importance.
Perhaps the most important ghostly occupant of the White House — Abraham Lincoln, shot a terrorist in 1865. The ghost of the deceased began to see in his former residence almost immediately after death.

His first saw Grace Coolidge, wife of President Calvin Coolidge. Lincoln's ghost was standing at the window of the Oval Office and a pensive look at extending down Pennsylvania Avenue. Later he was seen, and others, too, looks out the window of the Oval Office.

For some reason most often ghost of Lincoln appeared during the reign of President Roosevelt. One day one of his secretaries, a young girl going to the bathroom, where he once was the Lincoln bedroom, found his ghost sitting on the bed and knotted shoelaces. After a while the maid found the ghost of Lincoln, who tried to ignite in the same room fireplace.

The former Lincoln bedroom at that time was the first lady of office — Mrs. Roosevelt. True, she had not seen anything unusual, but it always seemed that she was watching someone invisible.

Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, who had arrived on a visit to Roosevelt, was awakened one night a knock on the bedroom door. Lincoln stood on the threshold …
Harry Truman also claimed to have seen Lincoln. In addition, it is said that the ghost even came into contact with her daughter Truman. In the evenings it is often locked in the former president's bedroom and had long conversations with the phantom. It was even said that after her father asked in his ghostly predecessor board in some cases …

Another "invisible president" — Andrew Jackson. He may have turned into a ghost after his death because he was fond of spiritualism in life. In addition, he became famous as a ladies' man, do not miss a single skirt.

Sometimes young secretary, passed the bed Jackson Pink bedroom, heard a strange giggle.

One of them, Lillian Parks, recalls: "In 1961, in the Rose bedroom I recover bed designed for Queen Elizabeth, who had come to Washington for a visit. I bent down and suddenly felt a touch on my lower back and someone confident hands. My hair stood on end, because the room was empty. But when there was a characteristic chuckle, I figured out whose it tricks, and a bullet out of the room. "

Ghost of another president — Woodrow Wilson — are often seen driving around the premises on a rocking chair.

But the story of the youngest daughter of President George W. Bush — Jenna, published in the magazine Texas Monthly:

"One night out of the fireplace in my room, he heard someone singing. Someone sang an aria from the opera. When I told this to my sister Barbara, she did not believe, but next week, when we were together in my bedroom, we heard the sound of a piano. This was the motive of the 50s. "

By the way, Harry Truman, to tell the shadow of the murdered Lincoln, adored in his leisure hours played on the piano. Had he become a ghost?

Regularly seen here and the spirit of a black cat, it comes in both indoor and on the drive to the White House Alley, as well as in the basement of the Capitol. Ghost has the nickname DC, which means the Demon Cat, or Demon Cat. They say that this is a phantom of one of three dozen cats, which in 1800 launched the White House to catch rats. Alleged animal and did not want to leave the walls of his beloved refuge … First he allegedly shows witnesses in a small black kitten, but if you approach it, it is the size of a tiger. He has a huge mouth and burning in the dark, blood-red eyes.

Witnesses appearance DC fearfully. Some met him fainted and one even died in hospital from a heart attack. There were times when the ghost assaulted the people, leaving the body with difficulty healing scratches. Several times he was shot protection, but, of course, ghosts are not afraid of bullets.

The appearance of DC, as they say, marks the disaster on a national scale. Thus, it was seen before the financial crisis of 1929, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and other dramatic events. He flashed the White House and in periods when power passes from one president to another.

Recently, as reported, a New York specialist in Feng Shui Debra Dyunayer invited President Barack Obama "clean" energy of the White House, removing negative vibrations caused by the dramatic events that took place here during its history. The president has not given consent.


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