Ghosts, stealing underwear, survived the students from home

December 22, 2012 1:38

Students from the University of Iowa, to eliminate the three-story home, forced to leave accommodation due to the presence of ghosts in it, stealing young men's underwear.


The student group, consisting of five persons, rented three-story house to stay during the school year. After some time after the introduction of the young people paid attention to the strange events that occur in a rented house.

"It all started with the fact that I could not remove the cushion TV remote. Whenever I turn on the other side, such as remote device is once again close to me "- says baseball player Trevor Kenyon.

Soon the boys noticed that they — not the only inhabitants of the house. Students say they saw two ghosts: an old man, whom they named Tim, and a little girl.

According to residents, Tim wanders the corridors and rooms, but the second apparition prefer to be in one particular bedroom.

"Once Taylor said he saw a girl in my room, but we did not believe him. And then the boys were sitting in the living room and heard the front door slam, and then someone ran up the stairs. Everyone thought it was me, but at the time I was in bed, "- says Smith.

Those who live in the house claim that at night in the kitchen chairs start moving.

Moreover, the students began to disappear underwear: ghosts manage to take off pants with guys sleeping in his pants. However, later, young people find their own things, but the most unexpected places.

Most of all ghosts to spite Kutcher, who lives in a room in the attic. "Sometimes I could not get myself out of bed and out of the bedroom. I was depressed, I felt exhausted, "- generally recognized as an energetic guy.

Terrified students were invited to the home of experts on the paranormal, so that they have found out — whether indoors hosted by ghosts. Three experts, armed thermometers, infrared cameras, tape recorders, dowsing rods and equipment for the detection of electromagnetic fields, set to work.

Exploring housing experts unanimously said they found otherworldly entities that are not related. By the way, guys, ask the history of mystical home, we learned that in 1920, the building housed a funeral home.

Without hesitation, the young men told the landlord that they intend to break the lease.
Anna Romantsev

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