Goblins attack on a hospital in Zimbabwe

Quite funny information was leaked to the Internet. At the end of December, employees at a hospital in Zimbabwe was attacked by goblins. Workers of the institutions are still afraid to go to work, despite the fact that local zhitelm spent stripping the building of mystical creatures. Blame here, "grass", or it is just a prank — not yet known.

According to a local resident Mheleti Moyo, the clinic was made "cleansing" of goblins. "We want to prove it by the nurses, but they do not want to go because they are afraid that once again being attacked," — said the source publication.

Currently, medical facility, was closed because of nursing staff in November 2012, still does not work. Moyo said that the resumption of the clinic specialists are needed who would be willing to work in areas where previously noticed goblins.

Some of the nurses who have suffered from the attacks of mysterious creatures, found work in other medical centers. It is reported that at present, the goblins are operating on the territory of one of the local businesses.

Goblins — mythical anthropomorphic creatures who, according to legends, live in a cave. Externally very unpleasant to have pointy ears, long claws and large, similar to the cat's eyes. Growth goblins can range from mild to quite impressive. What kind of goblins attacking the nurses, not specified.



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