Good advice for life

The ancient Chinese teaching provides advice and guidance to people in almost all areas of relevance for the organization improvement of their homes or the place where you work. But that tells us Feng Shui with which we hand sleep better.

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So which side of us sleep better. There are ancient — Chinese proverb, the man left and the woman on the right. Many Chinese who adhere to the system of Feng Shui, and those who do not respect her, remain faithful to this wisdom. If you look at traditional Chinese pictures, make sure that they abide by the rules here, the man is in the left part of the photo, and the woman on the right.

The correctness of this situation, in bed gives a positive answer and the whole of human history. Our ancestors lived and slept in caves, and always the main protector of the home was a man. What — what would an animal or something else strange man, was able to break into your house, he would have to face the head of the family. And just because a man always went to bed with the left hand to be closer to the exit.

And here is the responsibility of the women are always included, to protect their children, who, as a rule, have always been in the depths of space, ie the right. So after many centuries, this decision applies today.

And although the hair dryer — Shui no strict rules with which side of the bed you should sleep most of the students of this philosophy so far, followed by the philosophy of this ancient culture.

The ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, develops in us feelings of love and reverent attitude to his house. And if in your opinion, are any areas of the house are experiencing a lack of energy or even deprived of it, then it's time to think about the right way out of this situation. Strongly free up their homes to you from unnecessary furniture from unneeded stuff that you do not use them. Otherwise, how could you not like you do not get to make the correct flow moving properly.

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