«Grey Eagles» a new system of electronic warfare

Raytheon Company delivered the U.S. Army’s first two sets of remotely controlled network-centric system EW NERO (Networked Electronic Warfare, Remotely Operated) unmanned aircraft to equip the MQ-1C Gray Eagle (pictured) by jamming enemy communications systems, air-attack reports . com May 14.
Create NERO system based on military programs from CEASAR (Communications Electronic Attack with Surveillance and Reconnaissance). Brand new EW system is located in a wall container drone, able to meet two to three times more problems and has reduced operating costs than the existing system CEASAR.
«NERO provides critical basic tools and capabilities for jamming communications systems rebels. We used the success of programs from CEASAR, created to install the manned aircraft and adapted it for drones, «said the director of communications and promising counter separating the Air and of cosmic systems of Glenn Bassett (Glen Bassett).
CEASAR EW System was first installed on light aircraft C-12 Beechcraft King Air company and uses the same containers as NERO. Both systems allow the U.S. Army to control electric range, providing the ability to jamming direct visibility to the ground forces.
NERO CEASAR system and are able to set interference military and commercial communications, and can be enhanced to deal with future threats.

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