Happy to really be only fat men

The reason — in their genes

Fat men less than thin persons are at risk for depression. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from McMaster University (Canada). They found that the so-called "obesity gene" FTO is also a "happiness gene", writes Daily Mail. This gene is responsible for the development of obesity, but, as revealed in a recent study, it is an 8% reduction in the risk of depression.

This analysis showed 17,200 DNA samples taken from the participants of the experiments from 21 countries. According to experts, the FTO gene has a structure that defines a high or low likelihood of developing obesity. People who have two copies of the gene, most likely will not be able to avoid obesity, despite the different diets. According to scientists, this combination occurs in 16 percent of the world's population.

— People with the gene FTO, were happier than their skinny friends — summed up by Professor David Meir. — Although the difference of eight percent is modest, but the discovery of a new molecular basis for depression is very important.

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