Harsh sentences for Square: 3 to 4 years

In the October court of the capital on Thursday night Alla Bulash judge issued a sentence of five accused. Malady of Grodno and activist Ales Kirkevich campaign "Tell the Truth" by Pavel Vinogradov was sentenced to four years in prison, an activist of "European Belarus" the scientist Dmitri Drozd, a non-party programmer Andrew Protasenya and so-called "Headphones" by Vladimir Homichenko to 3 years' imprisonment. All will serve his sentence in a maximum security prison.

Civil society activists were given a hard time than the non-party. Ales Kirkevich in the final statement said that the important role played in his indictment of his political position and political power, for which it stands — "Young Front".

A friend Olesya Kirkevich Veronica Virgar says:

"I just did not expect that they would give so much — 4 years! It was clear that all go to jail. It was obvious. But it is an unfair verdict. Four years after two strikes! These are some unsubstantiated, some simply absurd accusations young guy! But the truth can not be hidden behind the bars. "

Less than requested state prosecutor Borovsky, received only Dmitri Drozd. The prosecutor asked for three and a half years, the judge appointed three years in prison. And the archivist Drozd extremely emotional and heartfelt made a last word. Relatives even feared that on the contrary, for it would give him more. Dmitri Drozd said that in a time machine, we transported the alleged 1938. The judge even made a point — they say, it is necessary to speak on the merits of the case. All the same Drozd said the Stalinist purges, on the current electoral fraud …

Worthy held at the trial andPavel Vinogradov. Father Pavel Vinogradov Mr. Yuri was shocked cruel sentence:

On the internet my son called "die-hard grapes." 100% convinced that it will stand.

"What might be the father felt when his son tried for anything? Yes, I am very much upset. But I'm proud of my son. In his final statement son gave all he thinks about this power. I fully support it. On the internet my son called "die-hard grapes." 100% convinced that it will stand. And Pasha said today he will come and fight with this power. "

Pavel Vinogradov

27-year-old programmer Andrew Protasenya community activist was not interested in politics, the square was by accident, came under the influence of the crowd and hit a couple of times on the shield OMON soldier. For it was 3 years old. Alexander, the elder brother Andrew Protasenya says, Now that the hardest thing — to inform the mother of the verdict:

"I regard this sentence as completely unreasonable, unjust and unworthy of ships."

Reporter"You know my brother. He will stand it? All the same prison — a very tough test. "

"Do I believe my brother is 100%. I am convinced that it will come out a man, and what was in jail. He is brave, strong, honest guy. I think it will not break it. For my part, I will support him as best I can. "

All five men are accused of involvement in the riots. Although lawyers quite thoroughly and convincingly brought to accusations that it was not arson, riots, armed resistance or violence against the person, it is obvious that the article 293 of the Criminal Code will be widely applied to the remaining participants in the area.


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