He pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger twice

After the terrorist attack in the capital Minsk metro is less drawn to the "safety island" in a sea of violence. But dangers lurk, it would seem, and in the usual situation.

Minsk driver Eugene told our correspondent Igor roots as the day before had been taken to "fly" in the middle of the city center. What pushes tolerant Belarusians to inappropriate behavior?

Eugene driving "Volkswagen Passat" has completed a turn on Lenin Street side of the concert hall "Minsk" in Ulyanovsk, in the direction of the railway station. At the same time, perhaps even a red light from the Gorky Park gazanul black "Dodge" — with the firm intention not to pay attention to others. Eugene reckless driver ignored, pasygnalivshy of ryzykovnasts jeep driver maneuvers:

"From these I try to stay away, so I just went ahead. He beat me to the back, perched on the left. Especially I in the wrong direction was not even looking — unfortunately the idiots on the road now missing. He bustled about the car in the left-side of my left, I was quietly eating on. Suddenly wife says that, well, something you ask, waving his arms. looked — indeed, gestures shows that I rolled down the window.

And then he pulled out a gun, put in my side and pulled the trigger twice.

I dropped, he started to insult me. I could not resist, snapped, well, thinking that this will part. And then he pulled out a gun, put in my side and pulled the trigger twice. Despite the noise, the road, the car, I heard this very good iron clang. I do not know Pistoyears was not charged, or there was a flash in the pan. Although the wife says that allegedly did something out of the barrel flew … In any case, it all looked very natural. "

Eugene says that the driver "Dodge" was not some kind of gangster or criminal, had quite a decent view "office worker":

"What surprised me — absolutely normal-looking people. And what he did then, does this not add up. Decently dressed, and not in some kind of physical shape, average body, age about 40. Nothing like that, he looked, could would conclude that it bandyugan or a completely inadequate. In the car — and this big SUV "Dodge Durango" black — there was one. "

The police, according to the source, the amateur shoot (or, at least, it is not the traditional way "scare") has calculated without problems. Now he is waiting for that conclusion from what has happened, do in law enforcement:

"I have listened to all recorded. Course on machine number was not difficult to find the owner," struck "by the database.'s Personal data I did not show, show only a snapshot — this is not by accident? I say so, it looks like it. Accounted protocol, said that they would understand. "

Reporter: "If the police already know who it is, you probably will not be difficult to find out whether he has a weapons permit that kind of weapon?".

In Belarus, to obtain official permission to carry not only firearms, but even traumatic guns, is quite difficult.

"I do about it did not say anything. Said only, so that they see who it is, but it has not been brought to justice, at least on the basis of anything they did not mention this. Basically, as a law-abiding, respectable man must be. True, I did not even ask when the police give any answer. While there he sat, still could not calm down, I was naturally shaken. You know, so it is not written with a normal, calm, measured life in Minsk, just a robbery … I was really shocked by all this. "

Unlike many countries, Belarus to receive an official permit to carry not only firearms, but even traumatic guns, is quite difficult. Therefore, in most cases, the owners or their arsenal is not completely legalized or have adequate cover from the authorities.

While being heard about the incident, which comes out of the box, your name victim asked not to be identified.

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