Health facilities Astrakhan region received new reanimobiles

December 29 as part of the federal program "Improving road safety" the region received seven ambulances class "C" and one "B" class to provide timely medical care to victims of road accidents. Health care providers territorial center of disaster medicine, emergency medical care and doctors of the three central district hospital handed over the keys of the eight cutting-edge machines. All are equipped with anti-shock reanimobiles costumes, 12-channel devices Cardiograph and ventilation.

Attendees of the event were shown the possibility of regional complex control and communication with videoconferencing, released to the territorial Emergency Medical Center in the Federal Program "Development of Disaster Medicine Service".

The first half of 2012 will be dedicated to the creation of communication channels and providing medical facilities equipment. With this set of doctors will be able to contact all hospitals that participate in the program of high-tech medical care, and in real time to consult specialists. This will allow us to make the right decision in a difficult situation.

Dispatching Emergency Medicine Center is equipped with the GLONASS system, which allows you to organize a more efficient use of ambulances.

Also as part of the federal program for road injuries are organized and equipped with the latest technology travmatsentry.

Travmatsentry third level will house along the federal highway M-6 "Caspian" in Chernoyarskaya, Enotaevsky Narimanov and central district hospitals. Travmatsentr the second level — in the Hospital. Kirov, the two centers will be equipped with the first level in the walls of Alexander and Mary Regional Hospital and Regional Children's Hospital. NN Silischevoy.

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