Health facilities in Novorossiysk and the Kemerovo region opened after renovation

Under the program of modernization of health overhaul Central Hospital Tisulsky region of Kemerovo region aimed 76.8 million rubles.
For 30 years, the building has never been renovated overhaul. Under the program of modernization of health care overhaul from basement to roof in stages conducted from August 2011 to December 2012. All this time the clinic did not stop their work. The complex of this work can be compared to a large-scale renovation of the medical establishment. Also commissioned renovated therapeutic and baby department CRH.

In Novorossiysk renovated solemnly opened city hospital № 3. On all repairs spent 27 million rubles.

Large-scale overhaul managed to carry through the implementation of the modernization program of health of the Krasnodar Territory. 

The building is renovated clinic on modern design: beautiful renovated, comfortable rooms, all necessary furniture, new modern medical equipment — and beautiful outside and inside. Changed heating, water supply, electricity, sewer system. Re-plastered and painted in pleasing colors wall delight patients. Complement the interior design solutions.

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