Heat wave with record temperatures descended on Italy

Heat wave with record temperatures in the region of 40 degrees was recorded on Sunday throughout Italy.

According to meteorologists, July 1, in the Apennines was the hottest day of the year. In addition, their long history of weather observations only July 2, 2003 in the country have been recorded even higher temperatures.

Anticyclone named "Charon" brought this weekend at the Apennines huge mass of hot air from North Africa, with the result that the mercury thermometer in many settlements reached 40 degrees. On Sunday afternoon in Perugia temperature rose to 39 degrees, in Bologna — to 38, in Rome and Florence — to 37, to 35 in Naples. Record temperatures were accompanied by extremely high levels of humidity, which in many cities has created an atmosphere of unbearable heat.

National Civil Defence has put in a number of Italian regions, including Emilia-Romagna, seriously affected by the two devastating earthquakes in May, the regime increased danger from Friday June 29 to Monday, July 2. According to local media, in tent cities, where the temporary home to thousands of people who lost their homes due to a disaster, there was a truly dramatic situation. The temperature in the tents, despite the air-conditioning, is now running at 50 degrees.

Authorities in the region of Umbria declared a state of emergency because of the heat wave. In Tuscany particular concern of local authorities is a long lack of rain: Set the drought there is the strongest in the last 100 years. Even in the northern region of Trentino-Alto Adige were taken emergency measures due to the fact that the air temperature in many communities situated in the mountains, more than 35 degrees.

Suffocating heat led to the first victims of the so-called "at-risk", which includes, in particular, the elderly, suffer from a number of chronic diseases. Over the last few days in Italy from the heat wave has passed away four elderly people. In addition, there were several cases not entirely appropriate behavior under the influence of heat, resulted in death. Thus, the media reported the death of 28-year-old Romanian worker who was in search of a cool last night climbed onto the roof of his house and slept there and died after falling from a seven-meter height.

Meteorologists warn that the "Charon" not lose ground, perhaps, throughout the next week. On Monday, the maximum "red" danger level will be assigned to as many as 15 major cities in Italy, where the temperature is expected around 40 degrees.

Italian Ministry of Health on June 20 began a massive campaign to inform the public about the dangers of heat for health, called "Quiet summer: how to beat the heat." The country has a free referral telephone line in 1500, on which day the experts answer all questions from citizens.

In this situation, doctors strongly advised not to go outside during the hottest time of the day and drink plenty of water. Health Ministry also issued a formal recommendation, consisting of 10 items, in which physicians are reminded how to behave in extreme heat.

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