«Heather» and its German equivalent

Implementation of comparable low-power pistol cartridge with one hand, limits the range of 150-200 meters sighting shots, on the other — provides a lightweight, compact standard with small mass of ammunition. It would seem a good option compact, constantly ready to use automatic «melee defense and attack,» comfortable shooting with anchoring, offhand, with hands, providing the highest density of fire in a short time. Besides pistol cartridge with a relatively low gas pressure in the bore and the initial velocity of the bullet below or exceeding the speed of sound nekordinalno simplifies the use of silencers.

Meanwhile, the classic pistol cartridges, including type 9×19, consisting in service in almost all countries of the world, is not absolutely satisfy modern requirements for combination punching and stopping action. Wide distribution means personal body armor (SIBZ) led superbly strengthen bullets penetrating ability without compromising stopping their properties. Naturally, the potential ability to extensively used types of pistol cartridges is still far from being exhausted — this is borne out, the development of Russian designers rifle ammunition. But over the past two decades, a number of samples of a compact automatic gun new type. They are more compact compared with assault rifles, submachine guns, carbines and stronger than «traditional» pistols and submachine guns. In this case before adopting and mass production brought only one.

It is clear that in the database searches is the choice chuck. And then you can see the two directions: more massive pistol cartridges «traditional» caliber and small caliber, like occupying a middle position between the pistol and submachine ammunition.

Klimovskikh product

In 1996, the armament of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation adopted a powerful 9mm cartridge CP1 with SP10. And he and the other is the development of an experienced system consisting of 9-mm cartridge type RG052 RG055 9×21 and gun system PI Serdyukov. Ammunition increased power and instrument made under it is no clear engineering staff CRI (TSNIITOCHMASH) in the suburban town of Klimovsk within development work on a new gun battle on «Grach» (then based on the same system created 9mm ATP, adopted on Russian army).

Pistols began trial operation in 1993 spetsnaz units of law enforcement agencies. At the same time the Ministry of Security of the Russian Federation (then FSB) issued an order to develop a new pistol (code «Vector») and a compact submachine gun. It should be noted that the ability to create sub-machine gun is assumed to be first constructing a new complex with a pistol cartridge 9×21. Now this idea took shape in the form of development work under the code «Heather.» Superior cartridge was designated SP10, gun, ordered Lubyanka — CP1 submachine gun — CP2 (abbreviation «CP» means «special development», «SP» — «special cartridge»).

Mastering submachine gun CP2 «Heather» in TsNIITochmash finished by mid-1998, and in 2000 adopted it.

Etalon is arranged on the circuit with a combination of jacks store and pistol knob. The main features of a submachine gun: rare for this class implements the automation system and node locking the barrel by turning the bolt. Removal of powder gases is done through a transverse hole in the wall of the barrel into the gas chamber located above the barrel. In automation leading link bolt carrier is aggressively associated with the gas piston rod. Shutter has 6 lugs. Revertible spring disposed in the slide frame. Design automation of moving parts and the impact mechanism is identical to that previously used in the development TsNIITochmash AC machines and CP3.

On the right side posted a foldaway handle reloading — is it possible to reduce the transverse dimension tools. On the muzzle compensator attached. Automatic transmission and its hinged on the hinge cover are cool stamped from sheet iron.

Hammer mechanism — impact type. Flag opt fuse located on the right side, when the fuse covers descent, and his flag overrides the groove of the handle reloading. Separate translator flag is located on the left side and sets single and automatic fire, flag interpreter available for the thumb of the hand holding gun.

Food patrons — from direct detachable box magazine staggered rounds. When expenditure of ammunition feeder shop abuts the valve that facilitates ejection of the store after clicking on its latch. It is two-sided, which allows substitution spirited store when shooting with right or left hand.

Tactical and technical properties of a submachine gun SR2M

Chuck 9×21
Weight guns (kg):
-Empty without collimator sight 1.65
Collimator sight-KP CP2 0.3
Length with gun butt unfolded (mm) 603
Length guns stock folded (mm) 350
Barrel length (mm) 174
Number of grooves 6
The initial velocity (m / s):
-when firing cartridge 440 SP10
-when firing cartridge 415 JS11
-when firing cartridge 430 7BTZ
Rate of fire (rounds / min) 900
Accurate firing range (m) 200
Magazine capacity 20 or 30 rounds

Bullet cartridge JS10 with heat-treated core protruding from the shell firmly engage targets in SIBZ second and third classes of protection or unarmored vehicles. Not counting JS10 JS11 cartridges can be used with malorikoshetiruyuschey bullet 7BT3 with armor-piercing tracer bullet.

Fly with fuse installed at the muzzle end of the barrel. Celik mechanical sight is designed for firing range of 100 and 200 meters. By a bracket on the top of the box can be mounted automatic collimator sight KP CP2 with a field of view of 6 °. It should be noted that the collimator gunsight, allowing to quickly cooperate with a view to the reticle and inducing weapon, leaving open both eyes are treated as a range of professionals in the management of the main brief battle at short range.

Butt guns — Iron stamped, folding up and down, with a folding shoulder rest. Pistol handle and handguard are made of impact resistant plastic, pistol grip is integral with the trigger guard, forend barrel covers, wheel mounted in front of him stop. Front wriggle trigger guard designed for firing with outstretched arms like pistol shooting with a two-handed grip.

The submachine gun was modernized. Do SR2M on the shank instead of hard stop there folding front handle increases maneuverability and weapon accuracy. In the folded position the handle becomes part of the fore-end. Several flag has changed the fuse. In addition, the instrument has received another muzzle device — now it does not muzzle brake compensator and muzzle-guard, which protects the brush hand from shifting forward and burns powder gases.

«Heather» is worn on a belt or open covertly, on the case with the introduction of the suspension, enclosing the gun itself and a spare magazine.

The German version

Among the most of favorite topics Research «military» and «police» small weapons abroad in 1990-2000-ies can be called a «personal weapon of self-defense» (Personal Defence Weapon). The term is quite conventional and widely interpreted, but usually under him understand standard compact, designed for firing single shots and bursts at small distances, not burdening the holder when carrying and firmly hitting the first shot or turn the enemy — even if it SIBZ either it’s located behind cover.

Constructors German company «Heckler und Koch» rises to the type of gun a couple of times and with varying success. In 2000 the company introduced the model, which received the designation «submachine gun MP7» and has since proven itself.

Tactical and technical properties of a submachine gun MP7 PDW
Insert 4,6 x30
Weight with empty guns 20 local shop (kg) 1.2
Length with gun butt cleaned (mm) 340
Length guns with extended butt (mm) 540
Barrel length (mm) 180
The initial velocity (m / s) 725
Accurate firing range (m) 200
Rate of fire (rounds / min) 950
Magazine capacity 20 or 40 rounds

To begin with, a new cartridge 4.6 x30. In the development of the bomb to be kept at small distances pluses automaton when weight and pressure in the barrel, comparable with a massive pistol cartridge, the Germans were not the first. In the late 1980s at the Belgian «Fabrique Nationale» constructed a unique machine — or submachine gun, if you will — P90 chambered SS190 (5,7 x28). P90 then caused wide enthusiasm, but, despite the forecasts of the life-affirming, not found wide acceptance. Purchased it in minor amounts. Yet the German company also took the path of creating a new weapons complex fully, including the new ammo.

Insert 4.6 x30 RUAG-«Amoteh» is equipped with a pointed bullet with a small flat area on the tip around. The reference speed 725 m / s, and 1.6 grams of weight bullet with an iron core and copper jacketed Tipo punches at a distance of 200 meters, in other words, within the boundaries of the range of aimed fire, obstruction of 1.6 mm titanium plate and 20 layers of Kevlar rear it. This corresponds to the standard protection CRISAT and 1-2nd class on the Russian standard. Flatness of the trajectory due to the highest speed bullet hit promotes, although effective shooting distance is unlikely to exceed 100 meters.

When designing the tools Germans also resorted to automation with a gas engine and hard locking the barrel. In the structural design of the respective devices in the «Heckler und Koch» decided not to be original, matching is to find a solution. MP7 PDW is arranged on the circuit with a combination of jacks store with pistol grip control — it’s not very increment its size, since the length of the cartridge — 38 mm.

Removal of powder gases occurs through the hole in the side wall of the trunk. Locking his channel is done by turning the bolt. Reflector sleeve mounted in the gate. The design automation parts and bolt lock MP7 applied experience in developing G36 assault rifle, the same office, but the details of 2-these samples are not interchangeable. In another automatic working, namely the plunger piston and in MP7 combined unlike G36. There absorber to mitigate the impact of mobile system in the rear position.

The trunk is a cool way of forging. His muzzle of a thread for attaching a flame arrester and a hole for fixing the muffler. Receiver is assembled from plastic parts. For the best protection devices from dirt and reduce cross-dimension applied T-handle reloading position at the rear, while shooting it remains motionless. Two-sided flag is translator fuse sets modes single and automatic fire. Flag is available for a huge finger shooting hand.

Instrument equipped with a retractable buttstock and a folding front handle in the folded position plays the role of forearm. Trigger guard is designed for shooting in tight gloves.

Food patrons — from two-row detachable box magazine 20 rounds (presented and magazine for 40 rounds). Two-sided lever latch placed it behind the trigger guard.

MP7 A1 comes in 2-versions: KSK designed for special forces, IDZ — for army units. The main difference — a sighting device. «Infantry» IDZ resettled fully open slit spetsnaz KSK — changeover diopter sight. Low profile mechanical sighting device completed step bar type «Picatinny» to set the collimator sight. Diopter on the MP7 A1 KSK allows bundled with it collimator sights RSA «Hesoldt», «Eympoynt», «Eoteh», while aiming shots can lead to night-vision goggles. On the same plate as needed put a laser designator.

Insert 4.6 x30 equips not only bullet with an iron core. There are versions of the same ammunition and tracer bullets with a weighted owning original subsonic speed. Weighted bullet used in combination with a silencer of the Swiss company «Brugger und Tomet» (weight 520 g), which is mounted directly on the flame arrestor. If you fire bullets being speed, low noise silencer is firing device.

Hardly worth attach great importance to the external similarity of design outlined samples — SR2M and MP7 A1 — identical tasks will inevitably lead to similar solutions.

Their options for small-caliber ammunition «melee defense» PDW did other developers. Mention may be made, for example, the cartridge 6.5×25 CBJ-MS Swedish company CBJ Tech AB or 5,56 x23 (.224 VOB) Czech «Louveau.» However, unlike the Belgian 5.7-mm and 4.6-mm German these bullets and guns under their standards remained opytneyshemi.
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