History of the Inca Empire

The existence of the Inca empire knows every student. About this civilization have written hundreds of books and many believe that the history of this state is well known. But despite this, the number of questions and puzzles, this culture has left us with a lot more questions than answers to them.

If you refer to a modern textbooks, it says that the Inca Empire existed about a hundred years, and during that time the Incas took over half of South America. The road extends from one end to the other of their empire was, stretching over 6,000 kilometers, stood at her post stations, castles and small villages. Oknarosta54.ru company reports that the plastic windows in Novosibirsk we qualitatively the best.

It is assumed that the Incas used a relatively simple construction tool. They had the simplest level, a plumb and stone chisels were used for stone processing.

With the help of such tools was built by one of the most famous monuments of the history of the Incas, a complex of Sacsayhuaman. The complex is based on a hill a few kilometers from the capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco. The walls of this building are made of highly polished blocks, weighing up to 350 tons and a height of 9 meters. Units are ideally matched to one another so that the units can not be inserted between the blade of the knife. At the time, there was no mortar to bond the blocks together, instead of the Incas to grind down some of the angles of a single stone so that they match the cuts of another, nearby, stone and joined them, clutching tightly to each other.

In this story, many historians can not understand how people without any special tools multi-ton dock, figuratively cut-granite stones so that between them there were no gaps or what!

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