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June 11, 2012 12:54

Who can count the number of books written and a film about people who are able to live under water, a man of amphibian? It is unlikely that this can be done. Meanwhile, as the science fiction dream of conquest of the oceans, the leaders of some of the military departments in full swing preparing for the U-boat war, so far to local, in which the main role was given to people-morezhitelyam.

The first man was an American amphibious combat swimmer "seal", 23-year-old special forces commando superelitarnogo Francis Faleichik. Best surgeons of America made him a series of operations, then the fate of the experiment was the deepest mystery of the century naval department of the USA.
In the secret vaults of the military departments and other countries (Russia, Italy, Israel, Japan) kept research and development and analysis of experiments, which have long been able to help people move into the depths of the seas and oceans.

The inventor of the aqualung, the world-famous ocean explorer, the late Jacques-Yves Cousteau, in 1962, speaking at the International Congress on underwater research, noted that the ancient dream of the people live under water and on land could become a reality. And homo aquaticus ("man submarine") will not need some overly complicated hardware or replacing light gills and the like. Just live in the body of a miniature device, which will be fully supply the blood with oxygen. The first experiments on monkeys are planned for mid-late 1970's, on the person — in the 1980s, and the beginning of the XXI century, it is estimated Cousteau, homo aquaticus already had some inhabit the sea.
However, today the international community does not know any of the undersea colonies, or about individuals, amphibians. However, without any publicity and secrecy mode, similar experiments to create "Ichthyander" (fish-men) were conducted, and how! However, because all the programs are carried out exclusively under the auspices of the military and spetsvedomstv, these last, and laid before our feet all the information concerning the implementation of these daring projects.
Head of Laboratory, U.S. Naval Medical Research captain I rank George Bond said at the time in a briefing to the media that people with artificial gills would get a fantastic opportunity — to dive deeper than the sperm whale, to a depth of 3.5 kilometers! Is it better to find a saboteur? Therefore, first of all, to create people-amphibians, as in any other scientific discoveries, interested military agencies.
Q: Does Mr. Bond took this figure from the ceiling, or based on the results of some research? Absolutely no information on his work, and there is no similar laboratories. Certainly, if the unique transplantation man gills of large fish somewhere and were conducted in absolute secrecy. However, the almanac "It can not be," says that research in this area were somewhat different way.
For example, Dr. Johannes Kilstra Holland believes that the functions of gills may well fulfill your lungs! His idea, he gives clear rationale: as in the gills and in the light flow the same processes. People will be able to breathe just water, if it is necessary dissolved oxygen. The first series of experiments begun in the spring of 1959 in Amsterdam. Mice placed in saline solution saturated with oxygen at a pressure of 3 atmospheres, spent a few hours!
All other studies and partial results were taken under the control of the War Ministry. Doctor banned not only publish reports on its investigations, but literally translated to "barracks" in the Medical Center, where he was most of his colleagues and staff with assistants hour guarded security division. According to testimony from trusted sources, brilliant doctor firmly mated with the Navy Office of the United States. Dutchman's investigations closely joined by specialists of "Lockheed", "Northrop", "Chrysler", the world renowned manufacturers of military equipment.
Long time ago — in 1976 — the American biochemists Celia and Joseph Bonventura created a unique, unparalleled miniature device that can absorb oxygen from seawater. Priborchik not exceeding in size the usual notebook is attached to the diver's body and could provide him with oxygen indefinitely. Incidentally, similar devices were designed for submarines: the crew of 150 people had enough of the cylinder diameter of one meter and a length of three meters.
The mystery device is the use of hemoglobin …, yes, normal hemoglobin, which gives human blood red color and carries oxygen in our body. The device comprises a polyurethane sponge material impregnated with hemoglobin. He passed through the water, as shown by the oxygen scavenging effect of the weak elektropotoka.
The Western media have made a big splash on the American company "Akvantik Corporation" paid negligibly tiny amount — a million dollars — for the right to sole ownership of a patent Bonventura spouses. However, devices based on the "principle of hemoglobin," and have not seen the light. Of course, the Pentagon bought the patent and sealed this remarkable discovery.
Experiments experiments, but on the earth today are people who, perhaps, could be classified as amphibians. Recently, a group of journalists present at quite an incredible dive, perfect without any technical aids and devices.
So fisherman Filipino Lois Pachino with Luzon abundantly rubbed animal fat, so as not to freeze to 60 feet of water, picked up the 20-pound rock and a clatter of film and video cameras jumped from the stern of the boat into the sea. A minute passed, third, fourth … Ten minutes later, members of the media crowded on the deck, standing side by side with the boat diver, seriously worried. But friends Pachino, sitting in his boat with oars, quietly shrugged, "Yes nonsense … If Lois had not yet emerged, it means he does not want to …"
How much do you think he stayed on the 60-meter depth naked diver? For almost 55 minutes! This fact is documented and signed by dozens of journalists.
Of course, the sensational report of a man with an amphibious Luzon walked hundreds of scientific and popular scientific journals in the world. Studied it and the American Association for divers. Despite assurances known in the journalistic world of men, reports the Americans do not believe: "Nonsense kind of … almost an hour without breathing, and even at that depth! Without a doubt, a clever native stashed somewhere at the bottom of a couple of oxygen cylinders … "
Wrote the opinion, expressed in the form of a very ironic in the Philippines and in return received an invitation to attend the demonstration dive Pachino. Of course, the Americans arrived in full armor — diving, powerful lights, underwater cameras and other equipment. So, for the foreign guests skeptics Lois Pachino tried seriously, beating his personal best — he spent 65 minutes under water! All this time waged continuous shooting with two cameras, and near all the time, there were two divers diver with chronometers in hand and an emergency oxygen cylinder.
What is the essence of this phenomenon? Doctors and specialists ichthyologists until closer to unlocking the secret diver Lois Pachino. According to them, all of his internal organs are completely different from those of conventional "land" rights.
It is believed that the closest to a solution of this phenomenon approached Norwegian professor Peter Scholander.
— Sperm Whale — says Scholander — as you know, in one breath can descend to a depth of more than one kilometer and to be there for an hour. What resources a 25-meter colossus provides their livelihoods in such impossible conditions? How he manages not to breathe so much time? Studying this "phenomenon of the whale," we have concluded that the giant muscles work during a dive by the energy released in the conversion of glucose to lactic acid without oxygen. "
Scholander, long studied the composition of the blood of Ceylon and Australian sponge and pearl divers, came to the conclusion that the person to a certain extent has the same anaerobic mechanism as sperm whale. In the cells of the body most experienced divers, long and often under water, reported an increased amount of lactic acid. This means that under certain conditions, the human body is able to pass on the oxygen-free energy supply of tissue. According to Norwegian scholar, if a person learns to make full use of this amazing property, it could literally spend night on the ocean floor.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. World of the unknown »№ 9 2012

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