Hovering over the fire

October 3, 2012 21:55

Breath of God — there is any fire, he burns in the furnace or Steamship rages whether ruthless fire

In the 70-ies of the XIX century washed by the waters of the Kara and Barents Seas island Vaigach were people in every entertaining. Settling in two dugouts, surprisingly quickly dug at night lit bonfires, setting up near them long distances than a few puzzled natives, beginning soon grumble. Alarmed and local ruler Ivan Nikiforovich Storozhiltsev, although he knew that the aliens, hunted fishing, salted and smoked fish, are spiritual sect of Christians — Molokans, who do not recognize the priests and churches to worship in any secluded place.

Not only did he know the main thing — the fact that the number of new arrivals themselves Molokans-jumpers in the belief that the breath of God — is there any fire burning in a steamer he furnace or a ruthless fire rages. If so, one should worship the fire, the fire in the fire, and even pray. But discovered this secret Storozhiltsev after sectarian mentor, Elder Yefim Grechaninov, it was forced — representative government — to allow the holy fiery actions. Certainly, the determination and the courage not to take it to the manager, because he decided to do what we did in ecstasy done the sectarians, as narrated in the book "Miracles superstitious Russia", published in Moscow in 1906.

To feel pushed into summer color "fire night", we turn to the memoirs steward: "In the backyard was a dugout, as collusion, before dark. Elder warned that if I refuse to participate in the preparations, and I will vulnerable. Not knowing what to imagine wearing on a par with the other set of boulders, laying near the bonfire. It threw a tree, and more — ship scrapping. Was also arranged in the form of a deep excavation of the cross. Dropped for the weather, that wind blew, not drizzling. In each fire flame threw their stones, accompanying work tearful prayers. When the fire died down, boulders Yassin pushed into the excavation. Formed hot cross. What are these people excrete? At first, shouting the words call upon the Lord, skipping run through smoldering campfire coals. Then each elder blindfolded to a slow, touch, holding before them the gospel, walked barefoot on hot boulders. Elder all yelled, "Lord of fire, the Lord with fire!"

When is the last all community members have offered to walk me. Psalmody began. Provoke me, I skoschunstvoval and blinded tight bandage, holding an iron cross, and went. I felt no pain, even heat felt. The blood rushed to his head. Drunk without wine. When the outcome of the cross several times, convinced: my legs, then do not touch the hot boulders, sure, I hovered over them. Elder Grechanina when approached him, made the sign of the cross three times. Then I gasped. On the ground, he did not stand. He went up quite high and this was in an unusual position. His men began to fill their mouths with burning coals. Formed by breathing flames. They do not harm anyone. But why would they get up it?

From them I learned that if you do not breathe fire, the old man never firmly stand on the ground, he was destined to seven days to fly. Over the years, after the resolution of the sect, I confess that I have made since the rite is reunited with Molokans — jumpers and ognehodtsami. Seriously, I am not for this. Serious about quite another — to what they see, to feel, to the fact that I can at will insure against any heat. Elder Grechanina warned that it will be so. This is not a tale of cunning, and the truth. "

Metallurgical engineer Alexei mirror in the same book, "The Miracles of superstitious Russia" gives a dozen cases Firewalking that he "not only contemplate, but studied." One of them is unique in that three artisans of the Old Believers, without damage to health, as long as desired to walk around the molten iron. That's how it was.

"Ural plant full chudesnikami, performed incredible, referring to the patronage and protection of the Most High — says the mirror. — To my surprise, the master asked Michael Ryabushkin three fellows working on getting the iron, to dance on the metal, where the metal is in liquid form in the book. One burly worker spare no shoes allowed, promising new. What? Chudesniki asked us to keep quiet, not to shoot them with a step. Two thrown off a thick, triple bullish sole, footwear, and petrified, sideways, confidently stepped into razvodisty fire. Felt that they, their concentrated and pacified face did not show. They could move around at will. And fast, and slow. Sometimes froze in their places.

During the demonstration, I noticed that the shoes on his feet verzily began to smolder. Then he jumped up, and the remains were burned in the footwear instantly melt. I realized the trick. Barefoot people iduchi by the way by which it is impossible to go, do not touch the surface of the iron. Between the feet of walkers and thin metal layer of air there. We examined the master leg coming down from the iron daredevils. Feet were not burned. Their temperature was significantly higher than the normal temperature of human life. The question of what magicians feel when they walk, said that their feet make cold that they do not go at all, and slip over the fire as it was with the Lord, walking in the water, as if on dry land. "

Fire should be worshiped, and even the fire in the fire to pray

Ironically, scientists seriously study the phenomenon of walking on fire for a long time did not pay attention to the fact that in most cases, no contact with hot surfaces, do not exist. The first did our countryman, the famous physiologist M. Scriabin: "As a guest of a Hindu temple in Malaysia, using binoculars, I found the action of the so-called levitation. The priests do not touch the devastating heat. They flew over him. However, I have seen a fakir Polynesia, Japan, sorcerers, shamans, the Transbaikal, — noted in his diary, Mark V., who was in 1912. — I am convinced that prolonged contact with human flesh excessively heated by objects necessarily lead to shock and death. Magician defends itself only flight, what is the secret and incomprehensible, at least, safe. "

So be it. Let ognehodtsev death from burns and saves levitation. In the memoirs of the famous at the beginning of the last century circus performer, odessite Boris Barenbaum, we find the opposite. Demonstrating the art of the dance scene and lying on the hot pan, he said to the audience, said, "I'm not superman. Acquires some of its properties, there is a threat charred. I'd like to live, and then turns into a baking hot sun bed. "

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