How did you create the universe

June 10, 2012 13:26

How did you create the universe

"The esoteric doctrine, like Buddhism and Brahmanism, and even Kabbalah teaches that the one, infinite and unknowable Essence [You — MJ] exists from all eternity, either passive or active in regular and harmonious sequence. In the poetical phraseology of Manu these states are called the Days and Nights of Brahma [Manvantara and Pralaya — MZ]. The last "awake" or "asleep." …

At the beginning of the period, says the Secret Doctrine, by obedience to eternal and immutable law, is made for distribution of the Divine Essence from outside to the inside and from the inside out, and the phenomenal or visible universe is the ultimate result of a long chain of cosmic forces, consistently set in motion. Just when it's a return to the passive state, there is a reduction of the Divine Essence, and the previous building up gradually and consistently dissolves. The visible world is disintegrating, the material is dispersed, and the single "Darkness", once again alone, lies over the face of "The Abyss." Here are a metaphor of the hidden books, even more clearly broadcasting the idea: "Breathes" Unknowable Essence "creates the world, and inhalation causes it to disappear. This process continues for all eternity, and our universe is only one of an infinite series, having neither beginning nor end. "[1].

So, I, according to ancient beliefs and, like the tides, or the inhalation and exhalation — that is objectified and disappears in the IT, showing in the latter case the net, but in one of its higher aspects aware of the potential self. In the East, as mentioned above, it is called Days and Nights of Brahma, Manvantara and Pralaya. Manvantara begins when the Void or, more specifically, to its eternal form of the Protection for IT detected Observer. That is, you. And your natural impulse is the desire to explore the Void, that is Myself. Because you have an understanding of the totality of himself, but lack the knowledge of many aspects of his …

In order to investigate the Void observer tries to flick. He makes a move forward, but … It goes on. It moves up and away … and it turns out where he was. In fact, he did not even budge. Do you understand me? Do you remember that? ..

"Before the birth of the white light was pitch darkness enveloped the world.

Was in darkness only Rod — ancestor ours. Rod — a spring universe

the father of the gods.

Rod was first signed in the egg, it was seed-neproroschen

nym, he was a kidney unopened. But the end came imprisonment, RI

begat Love — Lada-mother … "[Bird Songs Gamayun]

Rod here — is the original you. Imprisonment — this is when the first time you could not figure out how to move in the Void … Then it's born in you understanding of itself. Then you understand, then you understand that, and much more … You have learned to create from himself … Do you remember that?

The structure of your H. In fact, this one being that extends himself in the aspects of cognition is not yet known.

Then the observer creates a second mirror, as it were his, the Watcher, the database. This — the second observer, the following "I". If the first noetichen and has full understanding, but by itself does not have the knowledge, the second frenetichen, and, conversely, operates specific knowledge, but without the first devoid of understanding. In this case, one realizes the other is the object of attainment. And the second observer who understands, has knowledge only of the Void. The same the rest of it, was not included in the 'Your' knowledge, but is the "you", remained devoid of "your" acceptance. This is — the beginning of the so-called evil. For you, there is no evil, for you know everything, but for the "you" is its tendency emerged — those areas about which "you" do not know. Thus, evil — is the area of the Void, the surrounding 'Observer', which he understands, but they were not included in "his" knowledge, in 'His' database. If there is in Freudian psychology, the term "repressed material", it is precisely because it is only in the universal scale. In prehistoric Holy Books of these areas are called darkness and gloom, in Gnostic texts is matter of Sofia, creative, without the consent of the Spirit … The images are different, but they both point to the same principle, in one area, the seat of which is specifically for our solar system is the so-called Kuiper Belt. Moreover, the ancient monsters inhabiting it, is akin to human fear, appearing at a similar displacement.

So there was evil. In fact it is not.

Your database can also be called the "Analyze" eyes that you send in the Void, to watch and learn everything there, than you could make up its knowledge of Himself. At the White Disc appears black dot. It — your eyes. It's not you, but the "you" — a reflection of your image. And through the "you" you look at yourself — in all areas of the Void, darkness and gloom, you do not know. Watch as if from the outside, look … What is the eye? What is this database? Long since in all mystical systems drive with a dot symbolizes the sun. That is, you and his Eternal Platforms look at ourselves and analyze himself through Sun. You have created a lot of sun and stars — your eyes … Yes, they were created by a great many — the most different, and blue, and white, and red, and yellow, like ours, and even gold and green … There are also Other Suns by not you. During your meditation areas of darkness and gloom, you've found it Other Sun — ultraviolet and infrared … the sun, illuminating the Other Worlds …

What is the sun? Sun is not what scientists think about it. There is no thermonuclear processes and huge temperatures. Since ancient times, mystical traditions assert that the sun is not hot. It seems that scientists have come to this just today:

"NASA research team led by Dr. Richard Mevalda (Richard Mewaldt) California Institute of Technology analyzed the circumstances of one of the most powerful in the past 30 years, a solar flare that occurred Dec. 5, 2006. Its capacity was evaluated as X9.

Shortly before the outbreak, 25 October, 2006, NASA has brought a space group of two identical vehicles STEREO. Installed on their devices has significantly more detail to examine the processes associated with emissions of substances with flares.

It turned out that they were very poor agreement with the current theory of the Sun.

An hour later, after the outbreak of October 25, 2006 the equipment of one of the satellites recorded the flow of the ejected matter. It turned out that it consisted solely of non-ionized (and therefore cold) hydrogen atoms — it was not even helium. Period of discharge was about 90 minutes.

Emission was registered in only one unit, which means his single-minded focus.

Then there was a pause, which lasted 30 minutes.

And only after this unit has registered the fact that, strictly speaking, the scientists expected to see — a stream of ionized plasma of hydrogen, helium, oxygen and iron.

The dynamics of the particles according to the group STEREO December 5, 2008. On the horizontal axis — time (in hours). The vertical axis — the conditional angular distribution of the particle flux in the plane of the ecliptic (from -180 to 180 degrees). Visible compact (in time and space) release of hydrogen atoms, followed by a space followed by the distributed release ionized plasma of different elements. Reasons narrowcasting stream currently unclear. NASA image

Probably narrowly focused emission of cold matter in the atomic state, always precede emissions plasma after solar flares, at least powerful — first, they simply were not known because of the low probability of their registration.

The phenomenon of ejection of cold atoms, preceded the actual flow of plasma, hardly consistent with current models of the Sun and demands an explanation.

It would be easy to assume that the Sun has a hydrogen in the atomic state. However, this hypothesis would require too radical revision of the current theory of the "hot sun", and along with it — and the nature of the processes providing them with energy.

's Team Mevalda suggested that in this case, cold hydrogen atoms formed from plasma recombination of protons and electrons. A two-hour delay in the arrival of ionized plasma due to its complex motion in the magnetic field. At the same time, the hydrogen atoms recombine already moved to a shorter path, which led to the delay between the two streams of matter.

Whether this hypothesis is plausible, it is difficult to judge. It is, in particular, is unlikely to explain the formation of such a narrow stream of atoms, and the complete absence of primary emissions of heavier atoms.

Unexpectedly revealed fact can help to understand the nature of the processes occurring on the Sun and causing the release of energy — it is still far from explaining. However, it is the task of exceptional importance — solar energy provides the existence of the Earth's biosphere. " [CN News].

In fact, the ionization and temperature — it's not the reaction products on the Sun. Sun — is the emission of your feelings and your attention from the outside world. Now make your feelings from the sun, like a net fabrics, not two-dimensional and multi-dimensional. The network as a woven hollow ethereal pipes and tubes or tunnels are both very large in diameter, such that it will sweep the entire planet, and very thin, suitable for passage unless particles. The appearance of this network, as well as the operating principle is very similar to the neural network, however, the neural network of the brain is a natural continuation of this essential law.

Note — this spread vibrations of light on canvas ether. Three-dimensional vision perceives it as the waves, vibrations, but vision can interpret the processes occurring at high speeds can see it in the form of the consciousness moving along filaments. Consciousness particles spewing from your Eternal Platform — of you play the same role as neurotransmitters: they can thread can be folded in a design that embodies a particular experience and meaning. These structures are not frozen in time and space — they are constantly changing, but the memory of each of the essential structure remains. Because of this, anyone who had a place of experience can be played … This is the Database that is "you" … With the help of this network, you, being on Swati, as if touching the Void, darkness and gloom surrounding you. Try them on taste, interact with them and, eventually, get to know them … What is this knowledge? It is based on the principle, which is the analog of the associative relationship. Faced with the form or essence of darkness and the darkness that "She" does not find a parallel in his, shall we say, a database, ethereal network is trying to give the unknown phenomenon purpose. This interaction gives rise to the phenomenon of a new design in the ethereal network through which the phenomenon is absorbed in part in the processes of the universe. This is knowledge … "God is a devouring fire" — remember? And when the match burns out, what happens in reality? Binary vision say match burned down, she's gone. But in fact the flame Explore the match. Thus, the Darkness and the Darkness turns into light …

Palm-leaf manuscript dissemination of your senses and attention of the Sun, that is, from a black point in the center of the white disk, symbolized by two perpendicular diameters. That is, in other words, a black cross, inscribed in white disc. We can say that with this design, this cross you have created all the forms and stuff …

Man — this is God. In this case, I express myself quite specifically and I know whereof I speak. However, I understand how hard it is to feel the meaning of this simple sentence: "You — God." You forgot that you actually — at the center of the universe, you are the one who created all things … You have created the universe, it was you!
It was you …

Incredible, is not it? For centuries no one you did not say that. No one in the Book of Books could not admit to you that you — God. Nor prophets, nor angels, nor the biblical "Almighty" … You are so forgotten themselves and their ancient heritage, that even now, reading this book, and perhaps sitting by the window and looking at the deep night sky, you see that with doubt on the book , then the stars and ask yourself, "That's it — I? Are all the stars I have created? "

Look at those stars. Once you have created them …

And all this shimmering mystery that some of you are so fond of contemplating summer evening — your product is, your doing. You admire it, like an artist admiring his masterpiece. Do not believe me?

After all, it was you …

Just remember …

You are infinite and all-powerful, but you forget about it. Did you never realize that you deliberately isolate themselves from the truth of who you really are? Other than just fighting the "us", capturing more and more territory, and they made sure that you completely forget that you are — the Gods. But, despite this, in the center of the universe, still are … you … Is not it amazing? There's no God, no higher intelligence, there is all of what was originally and is You! The creator of the universe, vast galaxies, constellations, the sun, the planets are you … you!

You created this Earth and the Sun. You have created the other planets … You created every living thing on earth — no one else created. And you knew that not long ago, maybe a thousand years ago. And in this life you knew you — God, as an infant.

[1] EP Blavatsky, "Isis Unveiled." II. 264-5.
Materials from the book: Zhukovets Maxim — "The Untold Story of the Fallen Angels"


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