How does the MIP: God — a projection of ourselves, and vice versa

September 19, 2012 11:09

How does the MIP: God - a projection of ourselves, and vice versa

Using your "Golometr" experts from the Center for Astrophysical Research in the laboratory named Fermi hoping to prove or disprove a crazy assumption that the three-dimensional universe in such a form as we know it did not exist. According to them, our universe — just a kind of hologram.

The theory that the universe is a hologram that appears, based on the assumption that not so long ago that the space and time in the universe are not continuous.

They allegedly made up of separate parts of points — as if out of pixels, because it is impossible to increase the "zoom" of the universe is infinite, penetrating deeper and deeper into the heart of things.
To achieve some value scale, the universe turns out something like a digital image of very poor quality.

By this theory, until recently, treated lightly. Only recent studies of black holes convinced most scientists that the "holographic" theory is something there.

The fact that astronomers discovered the gradual evaporation of black holes with the passage of time has led to an information paradox — all contained information about the internal holes in such a case would disappear. This contradicts the principle of conservation of information.

But the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Gerard 't Hooft proved that all information contained in the three-dimensional object can be stored in two-dimensional boundaries remaining after its destruction — in the same way as the picture three-dimensional object can be placed in a two-dimensional hologram.

First is a "crazy" idea of universal illusion was born at the University of London physicist David Bohm, associate of Albert Einstein, in the middle of XX century. According to his theory, the whole world is about the same as a hologram.

Like any arbitrarily small part of a hologram contains all the three-dimensional image of the object, and each existing object "embedded" in each of its constituent parts.

— It follows that the objective reality does not exist — then made a stunning conclusion, Professor Bohm.

But is it possible to "feel" this illusion of instruments? It turned out, yes. For several years in Germany at the gravitational telescope, built in Hanover (Germany), GEO600 under investigation for the detection of gravitational waves, vibrations of space-time, which create supermassive cosmic objects.

Single wave over the years, however, have been found. One reason — strange noises in the range of 300 to 1500 Hz, which for a long time fixes detector. They are very interfere with its work.

The researchers looked in vain for the source of the noise, while with them accidentally contacted the director of the Center for Astrophysical Research in Fermi lab named Craig Hogan.

He stated that he understood what was happening. According to him, out of the holographic principle, it follows that the space-time is not a continuous line, and most likely, is a collection of micro-watersheds, grains, some kind of quantum space-time.

Universe — is an illusion?

— A precision equipment GEO600 today sufficient to fix the vacuum fluctuations that occur at the boundaries of quanta of space, the very grain of which, if the holographic principle is correct, is the universe — explained Professor Hogan.

According to him, GEO600 just stumbled upon the fundamental limit of space-time — the same "grain" like grit magazine pictures. And is perceived as an obstacle "noise."

The detector while in exactly the calculations of scientists, and it seems that the scientific world is on the verge of a grand opening. Experts remind us that once extraneous noise, put out researchers at Bell Laboratory experiments in 1964, have become a harbinger of global change science paradigm: it was discovered cosmic microwave background radiation, prove the hypothesis of the Big Bang.

The first data obtained with the new system, will start arriving in the middle of this year.


Psychologist Jack Cornfield, talking about his first meeting with the late Tibetan Buddhist teacher now Kalu Rinpoche, recalls that could take place this dialog:

— Could you explain to me in a few sentences the essence of Buddhist teachings?

— I could do it, but you do not believe me, and in order to understand what I'm saying, you need a lot of years.

— Anyway, please explain, because I want to know.

Reply Rinpoche was very brief:

— You do not really exist.

Pavel Sviridov

How the world works

Dark energy exists — the scientists

Dark energy exists - the scientists

Dark energy exists with probability 99.996%, say scientists
Dark energy — a mystical substance that speeds up the expansion of the universe, there is a probability of 99.996%. Such a statement made by astronomers from the University of Portsmouth (University of Portsmouth) and Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen) after the large-scale analysis of data obtained in recent years. The output can confirm earned the other day, "the most powerful astronomical camera."

In order to understand what the scientists discovered, it is necessary to recall the history of research in this area. At the beginning of XX century, scientists believed that the universe has a constant form. However, Einstein was working on his theory of relativity and performing various calculations, I realized that the universe must expand. To work around this "strangeness", he introduced the cosmological constant in the calculation. Thus it happened that his equations describing static and not expanding universe.

Some time later, astronomer Edwin Hubble proved that the universe is still expanding (ie Einstein's original calculations were correct) and called the cosmological constant the biggest mistake of the great scientist.

However, this surprises were not over. In 1998, the universe once again surprised the physicists. Astronomers observing distant supernova bright, realized that the universe is not only expanding — this process is accelerated. Unknown force is responsible for this process (attributed all hypothetical dark energy). By the way, here again proved useful cosmological constant.

Discoverers accelerating expansion of the universe in 2011 received the Nobel Prize in physics. However, the existence of dark energy is still the subject of heated debate in the scientific community.

In many ways, scientists have tried to prove the existence of the mysterious substance, but the observations were not straight (ie experts, conditional, could not see the dark energy with my own eyes), or the methods used allow inaccuracies.

The only direct evidence for the existence of dark energy is integrated surveillance Sachs-Wolfe effect (Integrated Sachs Wolfe effect). It lies in the so-called red shift of the background radiation that is a consequence of the Big Bang, and fills the entire universe. In 1967, astrophysicists Rainer Sachs (Rainer Sachs) and Arthur Wolf (Arthur Wolfe) suggested that the radiation coming from regions with a weaker gravitational field undergoes gravitational blue shift (strong gravity is responsible for the shift to the red region of the spectrum).

In 1996, one of the authors of the current work of Robert Crittenden (Robert Crittenden) and his colleague Neil Turok (Neil Turok) of the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Physics, have suggested that it is almost imperceptible shift of the spectrum can be "seen" in the change of energy coming photons (particles of light) comparing the temperature of the radiation from the galaxy map in the near to our part of the universe.

In the absence of dark energy received two maps (CMB and distant light close-galaxies) are not in any way relate to each other. If dark energy exists, we will observe a strange effect — it would seem that the relic photons (background) radiation passing through massive clouds of matter, get extra energy.

For the first time integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect astronomers in 2003. Almost immediately recognized the opening of evidence for the existence of dark energy and called the discovery of the year.

However, later, other scientists thought the received signal is too weak and presented an alternative explanation for the observed phenomenon. May be, the interstellar dust in our galaxy, they suggested. Further, many research groups have tried to present their evidence for the existence or absence of dark energy, but a consensus of physics and did not come.

Tommaso Gianantonio (Tommaso Giannantonio) and Robert Crittenden decided to hold a large-scale analysis of all the data collected. These two years have studied the results of past and new observations and concluded that the probability of 99.996% dark energy does exist. In importance to the scientific community this figure is comparable to the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, writes Phys.Org.

Scientists from the UK and Germany have improved the maps used in the original papers, and considered all the arguments against the observations of the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect. Article authors of the study have already accepted for publication in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, but now you can learn it on the preprint site

"Our work suggests that the theory of relativity will have to make changes. A new generation of research CMB and galaxies provide scientists or the confirmation of the general theory of relativity, including evidence of the existence of dark energy, or force physicists to develop new laws that explain gravity "- says Tommaso Gianantonio.

Scholar hints at a new research initiative Dark Energy Survey («search for dark energy"). 570-megapixel "camera dark energy» (Dark Energy Camera) was installed on the telescope Victor M. Blanco Telescope, located in Chile. Equipment installer to catch the light of stars located at a distance of up to 8 billion light-years from Earth. A few days ago, scientists reported on the first picture. In total, in 2018, astronomers have access to a picture of about 300 million galaxies.

"Dark energy — one of the great scientific mysteries of our time. Not surprisingly, many researchers have questioned its existence. However, our work is like no other has convinced us that this exotic component of the universe is real, even if we do not know what it is, "- says Professor Bob Nichol (Bob Nichol), a team member of the University of Portsmouth.

Add that at least the minds of scientists, and then by ordinary people stirs the so-called dark matter. Since its existence, researchers also can not be defined, first reported about its absence in the solar system, and then found it in the solar neighborhood. He also proposed a dark matter detector based on gold and DNA.


For those who got it …

Year 2012. Great transition. Attack of the Grey or 2012 close.
Anatoly Martynov.Videopodborka
Anatoly Martynov, is world renown physicist bioenergotherapist, philosopher, poet, master of Complementary Medicine in 2012 and the attack on the Grey

Anatoly Martynov, is world renown physicist bioenergotherapist, philosopher, poet, master of complementary medicine, has kindly agreed to an interview with "The Epoch Times".

Anatoly V. is a member of the Academy of Sciences proskopicheskih them. M. Nostradamus, awarded to them. Vernadsky, as well as the winner of the contest "The best healer of the third millennium."

Before the meeting A. Martynov told me to read his author's article that describes the changes (mainly energy order) that have occurred on the ground over the past 10 years, as well as a translation of Ariana's Eve "Anuak, the reptile in me." And, since he was willing to talk on topics raised in these works, my questions are asked in order to clarify some of the mysteries of the universe for themselves and readers.

— Anatoly, thank you for the meeting. In your research you touch on topics such as entering a new era (Age of Aquarius), the arrival of indigo children, a change of the earth's axis (observed you mirror the stars in the sky), the arrival of a new race, etc. I understand that you research changes that occur on Earth. Tell us briefly about their understanding of the causes of these changes?

AM: In answer to your first question, I can say that the transition to a new era has been predicted by many, and I think it's all fatally bound to happen. The fact that humanity will not take the chance that he has provided the association space civilizations. There were three treatment to earthlings, urging us to stop thinking technocratic and would cosmists.

The last message was sent to Earth in five languages in 1929. In Russian message was sent by Nicholas Roerich. We were given 60 years to correct your thinking, it's five horoscopic 12-year cycles. Nobody on this appeal did not respond, what is more, we have amassed a world war, and invented the bomb.

Obviously, they have lost hope that we can improve, and in the seventies began changing civilizations were born indigo children. When the term of the ultimatum was over, the Earth was unprotected. Started binge black magic, and any necrotic connection.

— Could you comment on your understanding of the arrival of indigo children?

AM: There is a change of civilizations and people of indigo — is the sixth civilization. They have completely different DNA, since it has no biological clock. We have due to the presence of the biological clock is aging and death, because we (the fifth civilization) live under the laws of reincarnation. I personally know several of his incarnations. All this means that the Earth is changing, or rather, increased status. People indigo — it's just old souls.

— In your article you mention about the attacks often different extraterrestrial civilizations. Please tell us what is expressed in energy attack? If you remember, Nostradamus wrote that in July 1999 the King of Terror will come down to Earth. Do you think, perhaps, the attacks do not come from extraterrestrial life, but a struggle between good and evil?

AM: After the year 2000 does not work no prophecy. Maybe you met Kryon Book. He writes: "Humanity is sitting on the fence, one foot in the old energy, the other new. Get off the fence. " And he's quite right. In my main book "Philosophy of Life", which UNESCO considered the largest contribution to world culture, and turn me into a world encyclopedia as an outstanding personality of the twentieth century, I see in terms of multi-dimensional physics.

Earth is a bulk cardioid, for we have in the north — a pit of the ocean, and in the south — the hump of the continent. Volume is a cardioid-D cross section of the four areas. All the areas of the world rotate and have a sloping axis. If you change the angle of inclination of the axis and look for a new section, there is a parallel volume cardioid.

Back in 1983, I surmised that this is a direct way to the existence of parallel civilizations. In December 2004, the solar system one day turned around 180 degrees. Land — this is a gyroscope, which will try to maintain the position of the axis.

As a result, the Earth's axis deviated from its state at 8 degrees, that is, the north pole went in the direction of Canada at 800 km. There's no one noticed. And the South Pole was forced to move to the Indian Ocean. Antarctica is pressed on the plate of the ocean, which is December 26 burst, resulting in a terrible accident in south-east Asia and the deaths of nearly 300,000 people.

Shear axis we "heap" in the nearest neighbors, not spatially, and frequency, and they began to destroy us.

— The book speaks of the existence of some of the Matrix, which, as I understand, is a sort of "Universal Mind." Although it is mentioned that different Gods created different universes, and that the Creator is One, but basically, there is a reference to the Matrix. I thought it was too "technical" and a little "alien"

AM: On the issue of the purpose of man on earth. We are all children of God and therefore should become bogolyudmi. I mean by this thesis is very simple rule: if God — creative principle, you need to be creative, to create harmony, to be a co-creator of God. As for the Matrix, I am very close to this concept.

Now, when the world is no protection there, people living peacefully, fully protected by the matrix. Once a person allows himself to stress or frustration to him immediately connected nature of a lower order. The fact is that in 2012, they must come to an end. And while they have a real agony. Although no major attacks is no more, now it all depends on the person.

— In the book there are some points that are not clear to me. For example, in the future, the world will not have time. It may not be in our dimension of time?

AM: Here is a simple analogy. A man walks down the road and sees a little ahead — the future, and look back and see a little behind — the past. If you climb a high tower, or in a balloon, we begin to see both the past and the future, by far, but they are there for us at the same time.

— In a book about life on the planet Inua says that humanity will go beyond the law of cause and effect. Is this maybe because it is the law of the universe?

AM: As for the disappearance of the cause-effect relationship, if it will be once, not soon. I have noticed that when people take off with damage and spells, they come back to the one who did it, regardless of time and space.

— The following excerpt from the book seemed to me particularly relevant:
"Doctor: Okay, but why should I be held responsible for the fact that someone decided to drop an atomic bomb?
David: Because you silently accept it. If those who disagree, merged, or if you even thought about the fact that it is not good and bad, that we should stop this somehow, if you wished with all my heart that this does not happen, your thought pattern would have entered into the Matrix, forming the energy wave, which could absorb and learn from other people. Now people in the world are in serious lethargy. They do not even want for themselves and the rest of the world. I'm talking about the real desire that comes from the soul, not about what's just say because it is right. "

— Our thoughts create reality, including our passivity?

AM: Now is the time when you really need to think of the soul, it is necessary to build a temple inside. The thought really is material, and the first thing I urge my students, is a discipline of the mind. Build a temple, as I understand it, is not easy, but you need to send yourself. The world must be taken for granted, he is, he is.

Of course, one can object to such global events as nuclear explosions, but so far there was the Cold War, it was hopeless. Therefore, in the words of the boy can be seen not so much wisdom as children chastity. The main thing that is destroying people and nations is the presence of some internal [everyone's] truth. When it is, there is only war that we see between Shiites and Sunnis, Catholics, and Protestants, Israel and Palestine, etc.

— Finally, what would you recommend to readers how to spiritually and mentally prepare yourself to go peacefully into a new era of humanity?

AM: Again, I would advise to take heart and to build a temple inside. If you manage to build this temple, any thing that you do, including the most mundane things, will be transformed into creativity, and this, in the end, and is required of us, for we are all potential godmen.

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