How sick gays and lesbians?

How sick gays and lesbians?

Most of the physicians for various reasons, are not interested in the sexual orientation of their patients. For some doctors this topic — taboo, while others simply do not consider this important information. However, according to the Western Journal of Medicine, the information about the sexual preferences of the patients can tell doctors about a much larger spectrum of diseases than the disease directly related to sex.

As our society continues to be homophobic, non-traditional sexual orientation becomes the cause of neuroses, depression and leads to a large number of suicides among gay men. Suicidal behavior is most characteristic of adolescence, however, are at risk and adult gays and lesbians. Stress caused by societal attitudes towards homosexuality, and can serve as a cause of sexual dysfunction — impotence, vaginismus or ejaculatory disorders.

According to the data of 1977, members of sexual minorities far more than their heterosexual peers, smoking, drinking alcohol and intravenous drug users. In recent years, the among homo-and heterosexuals are almost equal. However, drug addicts with different sexual orientations are using more diverse "arsenal" of psychotropic substances. We also know that the percentage of smokers among Lesbian almost two times higher than heterosexual women.

Homosexual teens are more likely than heterosexual come into conflict with their parents, which sometimes ends up running away from home. Departing from their parents, adolescents are often earn their living by their own bodies, which greatly increases risk drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases.

Among homosexual women, as well asamong doctors, there is a belief that cancer of the cervix, in the absence of vaginal sex with men, they are not threatened. However, pre-cancerous changes are detected in more than 10% of lesbians.

In addition, in contrast to the traditional focus of women, lesbians do not use hormonal contraceptives do not give birth and smoke more. This — additional risk factors for endometrial cancer and breast cancer. Plus, recently there is evidence that sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, can be transmitted to women with homosexual contact.

Strange as it seems, for patients gay characterized by disorders of the digestive system as a result of exhaustion and overeating. Also great risk faecal-oral infections, such as hepatitis A or ehsherihioza caused by E. coli.

Among the doctors are of the opinion that the injuries of the rectum in homosexual men are caused by sexual transmission. This is true only in case of minor injuries and serious injuries — fractures — arise mainly as a result of intestinal disorders, as well as normal male orientation.

Minor damage to the epithelium of the rectum occurring during sexual intercourse, are dangerous primarily as a portal of entry: herpes viruses, AIDS, hepatitis B, chlamydia, and other microorganisms. Many of these infections increase risk development of colorectal cancer.

Studies have shown that most practicing anal sex is wrong to use condoms, and prevention of infection becomes ineffective. In this case, the doctors are not interested in themselves and not known to their patients about the regulations for protection from sexually transmitted diseases during such sexual relationships. Given the fact that anal sex is practiced by as many heterosexual couples, such consultation is necessary for them.

A special group of patients are transsexuals — people who identify themselves as the opposite sex. First of all, they need psychological support physicians. And if you dare to transgender sex change operation, the subsequent hormonal treatment can trigger the growth of cancerous tumors.

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