Hungarian history lesson

Hungarian history lesson

Hungarians class brothers and brothers-in-arms, the Soviet Union was somehow not accepted blame for the alliance with Nazi Germany during the second world war. They are not alone. It is sad, but under the banner of Hitler waged war, many countries, which proletarians Russian Alliance urged to unite. Who is the belief that as an ally who coerced, as a vassal, who lived in the territories of "vital interests of Germany."

But, as the saying goes, An old to remember his …

Decades have passed. The countries of Eastern Europe after the second world war had to merge into a defensive alliance — Company Warsaw Pact, becoming "a haven of peace and socialism", and then, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, safely and without much remorse become "bulwark of democracy" even in the framework of NATO. Among them was, and Hungary.

It would seem, live and rejoice in our successes in the construction of Euro house. But the shadows of the past do not give Hungarians rest.

August 23 this year, the Ministers of Justice states — members of the European Union have signed the Warsaw Declaration on the occasion of the "European day or the victims of totalitarian regimes." In it, there are these lines: "… their torment will not be lost in obscurity, their rights are recognized, and the perpetrators will be brought to justice."

Well, if such regimes in the countries — EU member states were and were their victims, to understand, to judge. But after the declaration of the Hungarian politicians began "autumn aggravation." They do not interest the "victim mode" Matyas Rakosi, Erno Gero, Janos Kadar. In Hungary launched an investigation of "war crimes" committed by soldiers of the Red Army at the end of the second world war … The National Investigation Department announced that an investigation until the 1st fact: shooting March 22, 1945 Olasflau 32 inhabitants of the village, located in Transdanubia .

Call these acts Hungarian side restoration of historical justice difficult. But just find politically motivated.

While investigators to interview eyewitnesses of "crimes of the Red Army" and try, after almost seven decades, to make their identikit turn over some pages of Hungarian history.

Hungary has been a staunch ally of Nazi Germany during the second world war. She fought a war with the Russian Union from June 27, 1941 to April 12, 1945, virtually the entire war. On the Eastern Front, the Hungarian troops numbered up to 205,000 troops.

Already in the first month of the war Hungary sent to the Eastern Front movable housing a total of more than 40,000 people. In the process of fighting with Russian forces lost 26,000 housing man, 90% of its tanks and more than 1,000 vehicles and 6 December 1941 returned to Budapest. But Germany has sought allies from all the new efforts, Hungary and sent to the Eastern Front 2nd Hungarian Army. By mid-1942, and units of the Hungarian army were recruited not only the Hungarians, and Romanians from Transylvania, Slovaks from South Slovakia, Carpathian Ukrainians from Ukraine and Serbs from Vojvodina.

January 12, 1943 Russian troops crossed the Don River on the ice and broke through the defense of the Hungarian troops. Began a chaotic retreat of the Hungarian army. During his own defection to the West Hungarians have lost most of the impedimenta and lost 148 thousand soldiers and officers. Among the dead was the eldest son and regent of the kingdom — Miklos Horthy. It was the biggest defeat of the Hungarian army in the history of its existence. The slogan of the Royal Hungarian Army "The price of Hungarian life — Russian Death" is not justified. Germany promised rewards in the form of large earth holdings in Russia for particularly distinguished themselves on the eastern front of the Hungarian fighter was actually some issue.

After the defeat of the remnants of units and the 2nd Army returned to Budapest or as guard units stationed in Ukraine.

This was the infamous, cataclysmic end Honved izluki with Don.

But the point in our story is too early. In a number of Hungarian print and electric media now published articles praising the "feats" of soldiers and officers of the Hungarian army, committed by them in the territory of Russia during the second world war.

Completing one of these stories, the creator stated: "During the decades of dictatorship can not be according to the merits of examining the activities and results of the 2nd Hungarian Army. We tried to show the scene — a cold, lacking uniforms and weapons, their endurance — they waged war on the territory of another country, occasionally performing heroic acts, and the fact that they have nothing to be ashamed of. "

Specify a statement about the creator of "decades of dictatorship" in Hungary will not. Again, the case of Hungary and Hungarians, purely national. That which came Honved enemies, the Soviet invaders in the land, and then found the inglorious end, I do. But on the "heroic deeds" and that "they have nothing to be ashamed of," let doubt.

Hungarian soldiers participated in numerous punitive operations in the area of today's Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In the Russian archives contain many documents, testimony about the sins of the Hungarian army troops in the occupied areas. They are treated very cruelly, and with the local population, and Russian prisoners of war.

August 31, 1942 Head of the Political Administration of the Voronezh Front, Lieutenant General SS Shatila sent a report of the Head Chief of Political Department of the Red Army, AS Shcherbakov of the atrocities the Nazis on the Voronezh land. Cite this document:

"Donoshen the facts Straseni atrocities of German occupiers and their Hungarian lackeys of the Russian citizens and captured soldiers of the Red Army.
Parts of the army, where the head of the political comrade. Shreds, is exempt from the Magyar village Pike. After the village of Pike invaders were driven out, the political instructor Popov, MA, voenfeldshery Konovalov AL Chervintsev and TI have found traces of Magyars Straseni atrocities against the citizens of the village of Pike and captured Red Army soldiers and commanders.

Lieutenant Salogub Vladimir, being wounded, was captured and brutally tortured. His body found more than 20 (20) stab wounds.
Junior political officer Fedor Bolshakov, seriously wounded, was taken prisoner. Ruthless robber mocked motionless body of a Communist. On his arms were cut out stars. On the back of multiple stab wounds.

Vilensky medical instructor in battle was seriously wounded and picked citizen Gorbachev Akulina. The Magyars found out about it, came to him and asked, "Rus ours?" Young Patriot replied negatively. Then the Magyars took Vilna, coupled with the bed on which he lay, and was buried alive in a pit.
At the sight of the whole village was shot Magyars citizen Kuz'menko for what he had in the house found the 4 rounds.
As Hitler's slaves into the village, so just have to pick up all the guys from 13 to 80 years, and steal to own rear.

More than 200 people were evacuated from their village of Pike. Of these 13 were shot outside the village. Among those shot were Brewers Nikita Nikiforovitch his son Brewers Nicholas Nikolaevich Zybin Misha, Head of School; Shevelev Zahar Fedorovich, Korzhev Nikolai Pavlovich, etc.

Many inhabitants were taken away things and
cattle. The fascist thugs stole 170 cattle and more than 300 sheep, taken from the people. Many women were raped and I will give …
Act of Straseni atrocities the Nazis send you now. "

But the handwritten testimony peasant Krutuhina Anton Ivanovich, who lived in the area Sevsk Bryansk region: "The fascist accomplices Magyars came to our village Svetlova 9/V-42. All the inhabitants of our e [erevni] hid from that pack and they are a symbol of what the inhabitants have to hide from them, and those who could not hide their porasstrelyali iznasilnichali are a few of our ladies. I myself am an old man born in 1875 was also obliged to hide in the cellar …. Across a [erevne] it was a shooting, burning buildings, and the Magyar soldiers looted our belongings, theft of cattle, calves. "
May 20 Hungarian soldiers on the farm "4th Bolshevik sowing" arrested all the guys. From the testimony of collective farmers Barbara Fyodorovna Mazerkovoy: "When our guys have seen the village, they pronounced it guerrillas. And the same number, i.e. 20/V-42 grabbed my wife Mazerkova Sidor Bor [isovicha] 1862 birth of my son and Mazerkova Alexei Sid [orovicha] year Born in 1927 and made torture and torment after this they tied my hands and thrown into the pit, then lit and burned grass in a potato pit. On the same day they are not only my wife and son, they also burned 67 guys. "

"It was in May of m-ce 28 day or 42 years — wrote in his own testimony resident Orlii Slobidka Evdokia Vedeshina — I practically all the inhabitants went into the forest. And there followed these thugs. They're in our place, where we (further in the text illegible. — DB) and his men, shot and tortured 350 man including my children were tortured, daughter Nina 11 years old, 8 years old Tonya, a small son Victor 1 year and son Kolya 5 years. I was left a bit live under the dead bodies of their children. "

Abandoned residents who had fled from the Hungarian punitive, villages are burned. A resident of the village of Natalia Svetlova Aldushin wrote: "When we came back from the forest to the village, the village could not figure out. A few old men, ladies and kids were murdered by the Nazis. Houses were burned, cattle large and small was hijacked. The pits in which were buried our things have been excavated. In the village there is nothing left, not counting the dark brick. "

So Makar, only a 3-Russian villages Sevsky district for 20 days Hungarians killed more than 420 peaceful inhabitants. And it's not isolated cases of regional scale.

In June — July 1942, part of the 102nd and 108th Hungarian divisions, together with the German units took part in carrying out punitive operations against the guerrillas Bryansk codenamed «Vogelsang». During the operation in the forests between Roslavl and Bryansk punitive killed 1,193 guerrillas, 1400 wounded, 498 taken prisoner, displacement of more than 12,000 inhabitants.

The Hungarian unit of the 102nd (42th, 43rd, 44th and 51th Regiments) and 108th divisions took part in punitive operations against the guerrillas «Nachbarhilfe» (June 1943) under the Bryansk and «Zigeunerbaron» in areas today Bryansk and Kursk regions (16 May — 6 June 1942). Exclusively in the course of the operation «Zigeunerbaron» punitive destroyed 207 guerrilla camps, 1584 guerrillas were killed and 1,558 captured.

The history teacher from the village of Novosergeevka Klimovsky Bryansk region MS patter testified, "In our forests squad (100 man) Under the command of Nicholas Popudrenka was fighting with a dislocated then the 105th Infantry Division of the Hungarian Zoltan Aldea, who was famous for particular ruthlessness in the fight against the guerrillas … First, July Hungarians decided to do away with them and pulled a large force here, blocking unit in Sophia forest. The bloody battle lasted a few days and nights. In a last-ditch burst of partisans with bolshennymi losses managed to escape from the blockade …

Enemy of such impudence guerrillas just furious. In the village Parasochki July 7 in a few minutes were executed 83 people — the elderly, ladies, kids, even infants. Entire families (Saputo Evdokia and her 6 kids, Y. Irlitsa Thekla and her 6 kids, etc.). The victims were in the village Vazhitse — 42 people. It should not be so inhuman monsters, so do not spare even babies! Data on the number of dead is not clear, while there were many refugees without documents. Our repeated the fate of the Belarusian village of Khatyn. "

Hungarian troops differed fierce appeal not only to the partisans and the peaceful population, and with the Russian prisoners of war. For example, in 1943, during the retreat of Chernyansky Kursk region, "Magyar military units were stolen from a concentration camp contained 200 man Red Army prisoners of war fighters and 160 Russian patriots. In the route of the fascist barbarians, all these 360 man closed in the school building, doused with gasoline and lit. Who tried to escape were shot. "

If the Hungarian side did not fully satisfy the testimony of witnesses and documents from Russian archives, you can read the documents of the sins of the Hungarian troops during the second world war of zabugornyh archives, for example Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial to the public (the Holocaust) and Heroism in Jerusalem. Only these materials — not for the faint of heart.

"12 — 15 July 1942 on the farm Harkeevka Shatalovskogo Kursk region fighters Hungarian 33rd Infantry Division was captured four soldiers of the Red Army. One of them, lieutenant PV Danilov, gouged out his eyes, a rifle shot down on the side jaw, inflicted 12 bayonet blows to the back, then in a state of instinctive half-dead buried in the ground. 3 Red Army, whose names are unknown, were shot. "

A resident of the town of Maria Ostogozhska Kaydannikova beheld as Hungarian soldiers January 5, 1943 a group of Russian prisoners of war were driven to the basement shop in the street Medvedovsky. Soon there were heard clicks. Glancing out the window, she saw Kaydannikova Straseni picture: "There's a fire burning brightly. Two Magyar held by the shoulders and legs of the prisoner and slowly roasted his belly and legs on fire. They then lifted it over the fire, then dipped lower, and when he has calmed down, the Magyars threw his body face down on the fire. Suddenly the prisoner jerked again. Then one of the Magyars with a sweep stabbed him in the back of a bayonet. "

A significant number of military atrocities of the Hungarian troops on the ground a number of areas of Russian Federation recorded the Extraordinary State Commission for the identification and investigation of atrocities the Nazis and their accomplices and the harm caused to their citizens, collective farms (kolkhoz), public organizations, municipal companies and institutions of the USSR (CPP ).

These are the "heroic acts" committed Hungarian troops on Russian soil during the second world war. It seems that now it is time to recall some "forgetful" politicians in Hungary, that the statute of limitations does not apply to war crimes, crimes against peace and humanity committed by Hungarian soldiers — an ally of Nazi invaders during the war on the ground captured a number of Russian regions. And due to the Hungarian military offenders and butchers who were still alive, produces not only a story!

Please consider this article of mine official appeal to the National Office of Hungary consequence of conducting the investigation of war crimes during the second world war. I think all the necessary documentary evidence that may be useful for the Hungarian side complete the picture of the atrocities of the Hungarian troops on the ground occupied by the USSR, the Russian side will provide.

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