Hybrid children of aliens and terrestrial women

October 30, 2011 11:35

Cases of sexual contact with the alien civilization humans in recent times. Aliens implanted human woman extraterrestrial genetic material. Women have so-called hybrid children.
According to the testimony of some women who have been sexually abused by vnezemlyan, they conceived and gave birth to children who were they then selected. However, sometimes they are allowed to see and even hold hands hybrid offspring.
Feedback from women, the children have genius in infancy, is a remarkable physical strength and intelligence.
The best known cases of kidnapping for sexual contact of American Betty Andreasson Luca and Betty Hill. The latter case is described in the book by J. Fuller "Interrupted Journey" (1966). P
olulyudi-poluprisheltsy probably are now also among us. Occasionally there are reports of people with unusual properties or anatomy.
So, I was a witness to the fact that a young girl's eyes were vertical, like a cat that can not and does not happen in humans. This girl, whose picture I was shown live in Russia in Orel. Even find amazing babies under circumstances that exceed human imagination, but it certainly shows this is not the people.

We are talking about a child unearthly, or at any rate — a hybrid, origin.
Swiss researcher B. Spiller in the Brazilian jungle near the city of Anor found the baby around 14-16 months of age. Kind of an unusual child. He naturally pointed ears, pale eyes dotted with small pupils, who sometimes become mirror, tubular nose. Contain child at a military base near the Anor. Baby is strong physically. Speaks in an unknown language, to decipher which has not yet been! Tubular nose — detail, strange to earth person.
I myself twenty years ago with a commonplace situation met a man at the sight of which instantly had an idea: "I do not whether it is a stranger?" Meeting took place in a crowded bus in the Moscow metro station "Dinamo". I sat there, a man of about 60 stood. Immediately struck by one thing: he had a nose, which for me is the bottom shining through the nose and it was with one nostril. The impression was that the man cut off his nose and put in its place the prosthesis, by type of plastic. I am talking about the experience.
In fact, it was an eerie feeling, and I hurried out of the bus at the next stop. Otherwise man is frightened by its strangeness and wonder that it was difficult to explain. Maybe some special cold, cold, dispassionate view. In a word, then I have almost no doubt that I met an alien.

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