I looked at the price — and lost consciousness

In recent weeks in Belarus continues the rapid growth of food prices both foreign and domestic. This — greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers, fish, pasta, cereals and more.

According to official data, prices in Minsk this week reached 16-17 percent, in places, it is even higher. To investigate the situation and its causes, regional correspondents of "Freedom" visited the shops and markets, talked to vendors and buyers.

Vitebsk Region

Even in Moscow, food is cheaper than in Orsha
On Radunitsa to Orsha pensioner Mrs Anne visited relatives in Moscow. Shopping struck them:
"They came for a week-guests from Moscow, we drove with them to the shops. Oh, oh, say, what you have here is expensive fruits and vegetables! And as for us, Belarusians, we feel the more expensive every day: if the store goest , all the time, the new price tags. at all — for bread loaf on, cereals … One sugar is still holding, but it will be a season, then he will go — in the sugar season is always more expensive. "
In Moscow pensioners and pensions are big, says Anna so in the case before the Orsha store Radunitsa they mentioned to his departure:
"My grandmother took mud pies, went to the box office. She said:" Five thousand. "So she went and put it back. Moscow, say, those rolls are much cheaper … Ah, it's hard to live! Just what do you do? '.
In Vitebsk dismantle cheap products
Some see the only way out is to accumulate as much as possible products that are getting more expensive every day. A resident of Vitebsk Mrs. Natalia watched this scene:
"We have to Vitebsk I saw it for the first time. On television, we have seen that in Minsk there were empty shelves to the increased demand for it and on it … And here in our province, I thought all was quiet … but went to the store, then on the shelf with pasta — meter of empty space, oatmeal parazbirali, because it's probably the cheapest cereals … reviewing all because they are afraid of appreciation.
Mrs. Larisa notes rose even that has always been cheap:
"Rise in terrible: I every time flies fifty dollars, I'll go to the store! Have to give your child — do not buy his favorite yogurts, juices every day now … Even then millet, which feed the chickens, which was the cheapest price increased by 20 or 30 percent can ».
"My grandmother was like the store, looked at the prices, and fainted!"
The growth in the Vitebsk region tseenav already started making jokes. It is this which said Mr. Victor, have heard more than once — and do not disassemble, where is the truth and a sad joke:
"There is one woman went to the store, go, yes fainted. Sellers zbeglisya:" Grandma, what's wrong? .. "It really was a fact, and people are reduced to the fact that my grandmother was like the store, looked at the shelves of the price of buckwheat, on everything else — and fainted!".

Grodno region

Prices broke the record for the Dutch onion syavok
Even last month, Dutch onion syavok cost 12 thousand per kilogram, the day before yesterday — 40,000, and today it is not in the sale. All other product prices are steadily increasing.
On Friday, the Grodno market "Central" is quite crowded, the people are bought over the weekend. Here is a young couple with a small child walk and shop around.
I ask — how to food prices?
Man: "Prices just run away to heaven, they will not catch …".
Reporter: "And on what products are the most bite? '.
Man: "For everything in the world — especially on the fish, but not all of the products. For example, I used to buy smoked fish, Shanghai merlan, at 60,000 per kilogram, and now — at 106,000. Meat without bones under the chops — 25 — 28 thousand, and the earlier cost 18-19 thousand. "
By joining our conversation family pensioners.
Woman: "On the vital supplies prices should be lower, as without it you can not."
Man: "Vodka, cigarettes — to let it raise prices, but the milk, bread, butter, cheese — outraged scary."
Woman: "A fish and meat — in general, now head already paadgryzayuts us … And as a no no. Fish fish does not smell, squeezed, frozen more than once. A meat — meat, it does not smell, except that if you buy from a farmer from the village, and when the store — it is impossible. Barely make ends meet. "
The quality of supplies and said the young gentleman.
Man: "And the fact that there is a green — cucumbers, onions, radishes — it is obvious to all of chemistry, natural almost nothing. And the prices are such that not every day is a buy, chic once or twice a week. "
A farmer who sells potatoes gentlemen, notes that at this time it cost 1200 per kilo, while in This year, price reaches above 3 million. He enviously adds that prices hit records on foreign agricultural products.
Man: "That bow-syavok Dutch, as our so do not, you are selling a month ago was worth 12,000, the day before yesterday — 40,000, and today it is not at all."
But still people are saying about the price of food:
Man: "I call this market -" Field of Dreams. "There are real miracles happen: the abvazhvayuts, and the prices are increasing …".
Woman: "Everything is expensive — and fruits and vegetables, and the rest. Won last year's flowers sold by 3000, and now by 6000, and tomatoes now — 11000. Everything is expensive, and everything changes every day, but for the worse . "
Man: "What's there to think about, you float down the river, and as it is, so it is …".

Once somewhere sell something cheaper — all at once

The market is now constantly faced with the choice …

…to buy or not to buy?

Prices for these foreign apples and apples on the Belarusian market in general is not

Potatoes — more than 3 thousand per kilogram



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