I’m losing weight (all programs) watch online

I'm losing weight (all programs) watch online
I'm losing weight. It turns out that the most fat ladies in the world are Russian women and it is a proven fact of objective statistics. But this event is not to accept the person of record and the current day or war will be declared excess weight and will be provided with comprehensive assistance to those who have decided once and for all get rid of the extra pounds. Each issue dedicated to a specific history of the 1st of the participants, and we will be able to find out whether the main character to realize his dream and lose weight for a certain number of kilograms, as he said about it at first. Leading Kostyushkin Julia and Mia Zarring.

I'm losing weight 1 ISSUE 28.09.2013 NTV

I'm losing weight 2 ISSUE 05.10.2013 NTV

I'm losing weight 3 issue 12.10.2013 NTV

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