Igor Varashkevich: After the events of the 19th on our TV did not go

This man is a rock 'n' roll since the Brezhnev era. He lived physically in the Byelorussian SSR, but the soul was somewhere where people actually breathe freely. Its miraculously passed the Soviet musical influences.

In late 1970 he created his first songs inspired by what he heard "Sex Pistols". In the early 80's, he became a member of the "Bond" — Belarusian twin heroes of the Polish underground "Lady Pank". It turned out that the Belarusian language perfectly with the guitar riffs and does not lose its euphony in punk music and blues-rock. Thanks to his work became possible to tell — the blues live in Belarus. Over the more than 30 years, he deserved everything that can be gifted creator — success, recognition, fame, wealth, finally. But just as the last of the series and the lack, so his group "Krama" scraped together money to record a new song each. Little by little, it is possible, and then we have another great album, which immediately takes pride of place on the shelf with the discs …

I welcome today's guest "White List of Freedom" — Igor Voroshkevich.
Conversation with you and around you there are in the key of "Shop" — the heroes of rock 'n' roll that are worthy of far more than have. You yourself are feeling their own nedarealizavanasts, nedaatsenenasts his work?
VarashkevichCertainly. During the time when we experience the repression by the state, and it is the last 15 years, we could do much more. Especially in my desk lies a lot of songs that have never have been written.
Budkin: For what reason?
Varashkevich: For a variety of reasons. First of all — always difficult to find the money for the record, despite the fact that we have the name of the supposedly legendary. However, the last album I was looking for money for three years. And I found not so much as we.
Budkin: Among your fans have always been people who occupied and occupy high positions on state television channels. But the feeling that you do not aspire to be on TV …
Varashkevich: I do not want to go there after the events of the 19th. If this has worked, such as ETS, but now I'm not likely to agree to participate in a program.
Budkin"Store" again came to the list of undesirable groups. All these unspoken restrictions further limit the opportunities for self-expression. Do you see any way out?
Varashkevich: Of course, the ban was limited. Sorry, but the person must make a meal. How so? Where to earn? I do not work anywhere else. A month ago, I had to put my work book with a break of 15 years in the restaurant "At Town Hall" to somehow escape.
Budkin: Is it in Soviet times it was easier?
Varashkevich: Then we were young. If a young man, studying at the institute, he lived for some other laws. Live normally, once the money was missing. And now, have a family, have a sick mother in Baranovichi, and most have to live, to help the family. I'm not going to talk now about the prices of products in stores. Yet it is clear that.
Budkin: At least twice you would like to leave the scene — in the late 80's with the collapse of the "Bonds" in the late 90's during the crisis in the "Store". But what holds you in music when she brings nothing?
Varashkevich: After the "Bonds" I had to leave to go to work in Baranovichi. In the "Store" is really a crisis after 1996. There were problems in my own life. And keeps me faith and devotion to a cause that I'm doing. My songs — this is my life, I live by them. And if you deprive me of this, I would not know why I live.
Budkin"Shop" is often criticized in the music kanservatyvnastsi and lack of movement. What do you usually reply that keep rock 'n' roll canon and go from them are not going to. Was there ever a desire to do what is expected of you, no one is waiting for?
Varashkevich: As for conservatism, I do not see any problems. No one asks the AC / DC or "The Rolling Stones", why do they sing all my life the same song. And we are asking for some reason. And about the new, then four years ago, I wrote 18 songs in different languages. According to German, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Estonian … And this project is planned to be called "Los Bulbos". One of the songs on this project now will sound. She entered the new album "Krama". The remaining stylistically to the "Shops" are not appropriate, as there is a reggae and funk, and everything you want.
Budkin: Imagine if this song and listen.
Varashkevich: The song is called "Glory to God, but we're going home." It sounded already at our concerts. Rare our shows (laughs). I do not consider it new, but it is not yet registered.

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