Immortality. And we need this?

October 28, 2012 2:10

Immortality.  And we need this?

How to become immortal, eternal life? This question certainly cares deep down all of us. After all, who does not want to spend a bony old woman with a scythe and to live forever?

The Scripture says that man was originally created for eternal life, but because of the sins of his immortality decision was reversed. Apparently, because of mankind and begin the search of the elixir of eternal life. However, unfortunately, we humans are mortal.

But here at the end of the twentieth century dawned on the horizon, though small, but the chance of success of scientific research in this area. Scientists were able to determine that on this planet there are immortal … bacteria, which have no signs of aging. This discovery made Filimonenko Ivan, considered one of the founders of nuclear physics. He was the developer of the project, which aimed to neutralize radiation. Filimonenko did not just an amazing discovery. Initially, knowing that the main source of radioactive contamination — is an isotope of potassium 40, he was able to calculate that the human life span is inversely proportional to the amount of radioactive elements that are found in the human body. And this isotope destroys all human living cells, breaking in his body.

Although their body then recovers, but continues its pernicious isotope "activity", destroying more and more living cells.

But man is designed so that its genetic program is not able to replace the cells of more than a hundred times, and reached your limit, the body retreats, giving man "radioactive monster." Since old age comes, and in the end, she comes — death.

It turns out that the less we get from the environment radiation exposure, the longer we live.

Filimonenko calculated that when the content in the human body 245 grams of the isotope "potassium 40" human life will last a little more than 61 years.

Carried on the former site of the Sumerian civilization, archaeological excavations have revealed a strange pattern: in a layer of the land was in the isotope 175 times less than today. It turns out that the ancient Sumerians were irradiated at exactly as many times less so, and lived in many times longer than the modern inhabitants of present Iraq, located on the territory of the ancient Sumerian.

Discoveries and theories Filimonenko soon were confirmed by another sensational discovery. Archaeologists find and decipher the cuneiform tablets of the same Sumerian people, who were made up of more than four centuries ago. They were described by the country's history Schumer, but most importantly, they said that the rulers of this country were centenarians planet.

Schumer history is divided into the periods before and after the Deluge. Before the flood for 456 000 years in this country usually ten rulers. And if you hold a little math, it turns out that each of these rules, on average about three and a half thousand years.

And the fact that the plates are mentioned only the names of their leaders, does not mean that the simple Sumerians lived less: they walked on the same ground as their kings, breathed with the same clean air, and so and they were the same longevity.

It turns out that the calculations Filimonenko coincide with the ancient Sumerian tablets.

He has many years ago tried to create its first plant to neutralize radioactive elements, but, as is often the case in our country, he was not allowed to do so.

Although Filimonenko could hardly reduce the content of radioactive substances on their land to indicators of ancient Sumer, to reduce at least by half, too, would not stop. True, publicly perform such an experiment would be very dangerous, because such a "clean" area could plunge thousands eager to extend their life under the sun, and that would be started in this case — is not hard to imagine.

According Filimonenko, a few years ago, the powers that be offered to create for him a whole underground city with plants, where they will eventually live. The only ones.

Everything from kings and ending simple commoners by hunting for the secrets of 'miracle' elixir of youth and secret ways of life extension. All wanted to extend his life. Today, thousands of scientific institutes and laboratories are looking for the secret of aging.

Science has proven that human cells divide all the time, and due to this our body can not be updated. For quite a period of time each muscle "younger" born again. But why is the process by which the body loses this a unique opportunity to self-renew?

Beginning with the story of Gilgamesh, went in search of immortality, through almost all the myths and legends of the keynote of thought which says that death should not be, it's something strange, and out of this situation is probably still there.

It turns out that you can still fix it! But the thing is that people walked away from the commandments of God, become evil spirit, and that means one thing: none of the immortality of the human good would have happened. Stalin alone immortal why would cost!

Over the last decade the science put forward more than five hundred different versions on the causes of aging of the human body. For example, the poisoning of the body toxins, settled in the body from food, as well as clogging of its salts, the free radicals that destroy cells that lack the hormone of youth and many, many others. The most common version is the loss of stem cells, the very first human cells that can evolve into any cell of the human body.

Some media wrote that the Russian scientists were able to detect a pattern: it turns out, our DNA is building something that resembles a real hologram. But true or not, clearly, no one answers.

However, mankind still hopes to gain immortality, or, at worst, a long life. And scientists are promising.

Academician Skulachev, who now works on the search for "elixir of immortality", believes that science has not proved that a living organism must necessarily die. This project is financed by oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Say that the group has sufficient academic progress in their studies. It is not hard to guess who will be the first who will drink this pill youth. The pace at which today develops molecular biology suggests that, most likely, this tablet will have a maximum of ten years. And this gives reason to pause.

It is still difficult to say how long life or immortality affect the human psyche, the danger lies in them.

For example, who is it will give an excellent opportunity to put aside the "eternal questions". These other 150 or even two hundred years may seem immortal.

Of course, if the front — a void of non-being, and not have to hope for immortality, then miserable fifty or a hundred years will seem like an eternity, and all that remains of humanity today — is the clinging of the pitiful few decades …


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