In 2012, the last door of the Great Pyramid will be opened!

Most researchers are confident that the pyramid of Cheops, and more specifically in the very heart of it are the secret gate, and behind them is something that explains its purpose. Until now after all and nevyyasneno — what was built as a strange building?

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As if the gates were hidden behind the very last door, which is expected to open in 2012, so promised to experts from the British company called Scoutek. At the moment they are helping archaeologists to unravel the mystery that scientists are trying to solve more than 140 years! After all, to get inside the pyramid, scientists are trying as much as 1872 g!

It should be recalled that the pyramid was built 4.5 thousand years ago and consists of several monumental tombs, binding tunnels and ventilation shafts.

For the first time in a pyramid has been sent to the robot (in 1993) by German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrikom. The robot ran into a "plug", which turned out to be a door with brass handles. It was then that ufologists began to argue that behind this door is a repository where the hidden book that brought the lost Atlantis, that there may be treasure or alien objects! There was even absolutely fantastic version that handles that are on the door — the details of the electrical system, which had been left by aliens. With the two ends of the "plus" and "minus".

However, despite the fantastic, this version has existed as real as much as 9 years old! However, in 2002 a mysterious door rolled tracked robot, a Boston firm iRobot. At the door, he drilled a hole and stuck a camera on it and that's it, and then collapsed version of UFO: the cell was completely empty! However, the eyes opened another door, and it took another nine years to build a new robot, so he drove up to the door again.

In 2011, the robot — the snake was photographed door. With its help, was able to see more "secret chamber", which was also shut down in another door.

Shaun Whitehead, who is the leader of the expedition, said that the work will be resumed in the current year.

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