In Belarus banned the entry of human rights defenders in Russia and Ukraine

Human rights activists from the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, June 15 at midnight detained in Minsk airport. Citizen of Russia Inna Sangazhyeva and citizen of Ukraine Olga Shamshur sent from Frankfurt to Minsk on personal business.

Border guards have found their names in the list of undesirable persons entering the country. In the passport defenders put print "No Entry".

When asked about the reasons for the ban on the entry of the guard replied laconically: "Obviously, the earlier you have done something illegal, and therefore got the lists."

Innu Sangazhyevu and Olga Shamshur escorted spent on return flights to Frankfurt and Vienna.

The head of the press service of the State Border Committee of Belarus Alexander Tishchenko told the news agency Interfax: border guards "do not know anything about the human rights activities of these persons … These citizen traveling on private business, so to speak, that they are human rights advocates, is incorrect."

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