In Bratsk UFO synchronize watches




A rare case where a UFO "agreed" to take pictures.
Photo: From the archive "Kosmopoisk" in Bratsk.

The first time a luminous disk in the sky over the common people saw in the summer. He appeared every day at exactly half past midnight and mysteriously hovered over the city outskirts.
— The subject reminds wheel of the car — eyewitness, coordinator of Irkutsk branch ONIO "Kosmopoisk" Bratsk, Nikita Tomin — flew from the beginning of each evening, as scheduled. Hung motionless a few minutes, and then went to the side of the hill Monastyrka.
After an unidentified object was hiding the knoll, it began to glow with light.
— Monastyrka is far enough away from the city — said Nikita — and there is not that there is no light, no one will ignite a fire.
Nevertheless, over the sublimity something glowing, and it's something constantly change color. First rays were bright yellow, then turns purple. This went on for almost two months from July to September. UFO then mysteriously disappeared. However, as it turned out, not for long. Around December, it appeared again. And behaved the same way as before. Arrive. Powys. Fly away.
— We believe that some of the Brethren held their trail — said Nikita — otherwise explain such a frequent occurrence of UFO impossible. We even watch over them in the summer are reconciled. Already precisely all knew that exactly half of the first fly and two minutes later hid.
In February, a group headed by Nikita, is preparing an expedition to the hill Monastyrka where the glow was visible. They are hoping to find some trace. It is believed that there could be a UFO landing and possibly green men left marks, well and left little space dust.


Another event from the category of "hello earthlings' occurred in Bratsk in November. At 8 am a few kilometers from the city collapsed unidentified object that resembles a cylinder. However, it remains found so far failed.
— The way he fell, saw a few people — says Nikita Tomin — one of them a former rocket scientist. It was he who told all the details of the incident.
According rocketeer, the cylinder is quite smooth fell to the ground, and at first it seemed that he was flying directly over the city. But at least reduce it, it became clear that he will land a few kilometers from Bratsk, somewhere in the woods.
— When he failed, — said Nikita — on the spot where he fell, was visible smoke.
What was it, brotherly "Kosmopoisk" only to be seen in the upcoming expedition.

If you have seen how the Martians came down to earth as snow or lonely man wandering through the woods, call the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" or leave your own review.

GRYAZNOV Alex January 14, 2005

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