In China, the century-old grandmother alive 16 hours after the death

January 27, 2013 23:38

Daughter fed her "dead and living fairy" mother liquid porridge.  Photo from

Daughter fed her "dead and living fairy" mother liquid porridge. Photo from

January 19 at the county Lianjiao Zhanjiang city, Guangdong Province 101-year-old grandmother suddenly "died." Her family did not find it any signs of life and began to prepare for the funeral. But the next day, being the 16 hours of "dead", the old woman suddenly miraculously revived, told local newspaper "Southern District".

The village Shenshuytun County Lianjiao city of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province live 101-year-old woman Peng Xiuhu. She has two daughters who are married and live far away, they were 70-year-old grandmother. Peng looked after my mother for neighbors to help her around the house. About ten days ago, Peng fell and hurt herself, she was appointed to bed, and her daughters came to care for her mother.

Evening of January 19 around 10:30 am, they found that Peng mother lies with her eyes closed, her body stiff, there was no heartbeat and breathing. Women began to bother her, but she did not react. They decided that the mother "had gone to the other world," and began to cry loudly. Neighbors and relatives heard the sad news and began to prepare for the funeral of his grandmother.

The next day the coffin was ready, one of the daughters of a mother dressed up in funeral attire before the coffin. At 15:00 they started to turn it, and suddenly saw that Pan opened her eyes and a slight smile, she whispered, "Hey, are you from?" People ready to bury the old woman, hastily ran into the street, shouting, all the relatives and neighbors first not believe it, and then see for yourself what is really alive and Pan looked like before.

According to 67-year-old daughter Liu Meytszyuan, her mother Peng Xiuhu now 101 years old, she came from a village Tszishuy Lianjiao County, the son she had eight brothers, it is — the fifth child in the family, the only daughter. When she grew up, married and moved to the village of Doon, she had five children, but only two daughters survived.

Meytszyuan Liu also said that the mother of all life lived very poorly and simply ate always very modest, but it is very friendly, she has a very good character, hardly anything can irritate it. With her husband, who was her senior by 11 years, they hardly ever fought, especially in the elderly. 11 years ago her husband on the 101 year life of seriously ill and died, she was left alone. Pan can still take care of themselves, but in recent years in cooking and works at home she relies on the help of neighbors.

Last year, a similar incident occurred with a 95-year resident of the county Syufen Lee Bailey of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. On the eve of his "death" she fell, then tortured her headaches. The doctor prescribed bed rest. One morning, a neighbor came to see her and found her "dead". Residents organized the funeral, put her in a coffin and cover, set the day of the funeral. However, after 6 days, when they arrived, they found the body of her grandmother was gone. To their surprise, she was in the kitchen and ate porridge.

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