In Dnepropetrovsk mysterious black dog saves lives

December 20, 2012 4:32

Just recently, he saved the life of a paralyzed old man, who went to collect firewood and fell into the pit.

In Dnepropetrovsk mysterious black dog saves lives

In the middle of dense forests and rescue dog appeared from nowhere and half barked near the old man who was in trouble. By some miracle, the dog heard the call for help search members Historical Organization "Search-Dnepr", they are then partially paralyzed man was pulled out of the trap and brought home. A dog, who was rescued by a guardian angel named disappeared into nowhere.

— On that day, we learned the territory Aul springboard (known battles in 1943), which was outside the village Dnieper. It is virtually deserted place, far from it, only three houses and live in them old — says the head of the search team Dmitry Svarnik. — Passing the beam, suddenly heard a dog barking and whining. It was a small little black dog, he anxiously ran along the edge, and we decided to see what there is.

Coming closer, the men could not believe their eyes — right over a cliff, on a fallen tree, dry, hung man. Of the search engines for some time, they turned into rescuers. Dragged accident and taken home. There they met the wife of the victim, who said that he had recently suffered a stroke, and then have problems with speech, paralyzed hand. The woman bowed in gratitude, but searchers explained that her husband managed to save by mongrel. But turning around to show who should thank, saw no lifeguard chetverolapy like evaporated.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" has learned from the villagers Dnieper, on the outskirts of which live in the old man that looks like the descriptions of dog repeatedly saved the lives of the local, and then disappeared into nowhere.

— Summer came to my 9 year old granddaughter, she she once spree until dark, and then wandered through the village — could not find a home. Already ten o'clock at night, and it's not, we're worried with his grandfather, when we hear a strange barking dog, someone began scratching at the door. Open — black dog on the doorstep, he whines, near the feet turns and runs into the yard. We are for him — he took us to the next street, where a tree granddaughter sat and wept. They brought her home, feed the dog wanted, but she ran away — told us Maria, who lives in the Dnipro.

According to her, the dog saw and a neighbor when her husband got drunk and fell in a ditch, and teenagers began wool pockets. Then the dog chased unscrupulous guys and started licking the man's face, he abruptly sobered up (according to him) got up and went home. Feed a mongrel he also failed — the caudate and gone. Rumors of psec quickly went to the village and the people he saved, now every night under the porch leave some food for him.

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