In England, the dogs were fed lambs from a bottle

September 21, 2012 1:03

In the English county of Devon Spaniel dog breed was the mother of four newborn lambs.

In England, the dogs were fed lambs from a bottle
The mother-sheep do not have enough milk to bring up babies, and Louise Moorhouse, owner of the farm had to take care of the baby in his hands. Spaniel named Jesse helps, what could — she looks after touching lambs and even watered them with milk from a bottle, holding it with his teeth.
On the farm Louise area of about 700 square meters of living 270 sheep. Work at farmer's missing, and she said that the smart dog Jess is often irreplaceable.

 "When I bring up the sheep, Jess always hovered nearby, and I decided to try to teach her to keep a bottle — said Louise. — Jess quickly figured out what to do, and began to help me. It not only feeds the lambs and take care of them, but also helps me to carry heavy weights. "
Sheep love Jess and fun to play with her in the "catch-up" and "hide and seek".

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