In Mogilev action Revolution via social network took no arrests

In Mogilev completed action, which initiated the unification of "Revolution through a social network" site "Vkontakte". It was attended by about two hundred people. It lasted half an hour. Began a19 minutes.

Held action on the opposite side of the square of Lenin, which was originally defined as a place crowded. It was surrounded by SWAT officers one hour before the start of the action. Those who tried to pass her on to explain that it has to happen some alleged security measures. The police explained that the square supposed to drive up foreign delegation.

All the time Lenin Square are leaders Executive Committee, as well as leaders control Interior Executive Committee.

The policeman explain to people why they should not be on the square.

In addition to the police for protesters The following staff of administrations Mogilev universities. The shooting took participants to the camera.

Campaign ended with loud applause from the participants.

Policemen patrol the approaches to the square.

Last Wednesday, the appeals of the community "Revolution through a social network" here were more than 80 people. Two protesters tried to call to talk to the KGB, but they did not.


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