In Moscows vaults are found mutants

October 28, 2011 1:12

Rat mutant. Photo

The underground environment is not similar to that on the surface. But there is also home to living beings. According to researchers, and the Moscow Diggers, the impact of specific chemical substances, electromagnetic fields and radiation leads to physiological abnormalities. So there are mutant animals and terrifying people.

Thus, in the sewage Moscow has long been originated and is constantly developing new life generated by the irrational, or simply criminal activity of people. This fish, small animals and insects, modified by a chemical "soup", created by a mixture of sewage and industrial research laboratories.

Here is the story of the leader of the Moscow Diggers Vadim Mikhailov:

"In the dry side branches sat a strange animal, and something unpleasant crunching. He had a horrible half-tail-like stiff bristles big overgrown rat. In the cave there was a very sharp odor of musk. We call such a thing "corpse-eaters. '"

Most rapidly changing under the influence of large cities and insects and other primitive creatures.

"This monster had to be called" great skalpendroidom ", although the last few similarities — says Mikhailov. — It's more like a large earwig — hitinoobraznoe creature in the shell, which, apparently, eats insects. Vengeance developed at Moscow sverhpopulyatsii huge American cockroaches up to 12 centimeters … "
According to the Moscow caver MI Burleshina under Izmailovo district live cave grasshoppers the size of saucers. Widely developed in the dungeons of Moscow population of huge American cockroaches, body length which is up to 10 centimeters.

The capital for a long time legends about giant rats from deep underground. For the first time Moscow diggers met them quite unexpectedly — in the tunnels under the zoo. There were about five. They walked through the tunnel, which ran in the direction of the zoo, "White House" and on to the U.S. Embassy … Seeing the animals, the researchers threw dungeons crowbars and hastily withdrew.

In the darkness, the rats seem overwhelming. Later, on the surface, calming down, diggers more objectively assessed their dimensions: length — no more than 65 inches (not including the tail), Height — 25-30 inches. But such "modest" size is impressive — is the value of the average fox terrier. First, the researchers even think that they face a nutria, but then remembered the details and realized that they have met all the same rat. All the proportions of the body is quite consistent with the rat, except that at the withers mutants were slightly more narrowed and had such a circular problem, as their classical cousins …

A few days after the media reported on the meeting with the huge creatures diggers called a former military man, told them that within Moscow there are several abandoned bunkers. Next to these buildings are urban settlers radioactive reactor, where it can be "all hell." According to the caller, he and his friends once out of curiosity, went down into the ground near one of the bunkers, and saw the whole pack of giant rats! Describe them in detail coincided with what they saw diggers at the Moscow Zoo.

Biologists yet cautiously accept the assumption that the giant rats generated radiation, chemicals or radiation, geopathic zones. Major representatives of these animals — it does not mutants, just another kind of so-called "Indonesian rat", say the researchers. They are usually five times greater than normal, the city, the dogs in landfills their panic fear … But if the reason for their appearance — not a mutation, how they got into our cities? It remains to be seen.

How not to remember the foreign myths that in the abandoned tunnels supposedly live "people-moles" — homeless vagrants who had never come to the surface and feed on rats. They are aggressive, attacking people and long lost human form …

In 1993 he published a book Jennifer That "People-moles living in the tunnels beneath New York City." The author, in particular, suggests that such qualities rats as perseverance and survival, are striking. From a scientific point of view, this is explained by evolutionary strategy — the rats have the property of high fertility at low stages of pregnancy, as well as the collective intelligence — they act as a unit and together confront the impending danger, whether traps, poisons or grouting of underground tunnels.

So, dungeons are a giant laboratory for the removal of mutants and freaks. Of course, to save the nerves in that hell can not look, but is there any guarantee that the ominous Pandora's box once suddenly spill on the surface?

Yuri Suprunenko

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