In response to the DA helped! diplomats have called the police

Today, young Israelis who came from Belarus, staged a "DA helped!" near the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus. Initially stated that the performance is directed against the policy of the Belarusian government, which led to a default and the impoverishment of the population.

In addition to posters and the general expression of indignation, the activists wanted to give the diplomats a symbolic set of things that, on the idea of the organizers, the embassy was transfer to Belarus as humanitarian aid. However, diplomats ignored share more — call the police.

As the party rally Eugene Leshenko, on arrival at the place of the action, the police officers said that diplomats have complained to the actions of the activists. They say that youth throws a diplomatic mission with various objects. "Of course, it is not so! We just loudly expressed their citizenship!" — Share Eugene. Nevertheless, cross the road at the side of the Embassy of the picketers police strictly prohibited.

Diplomats do not come out to their fellow citizens, and limited themselves to taking pictures of posters from the windows.

The news sent visitors. 

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