In the Brazilian museum is the skeleton of an alien?




The editor of «Brazilian UFO Magazine» J. Zhivayya learned that in the "Museum of Natural History", the Uberaba (piece of Minas Gerais) is a very strange skeleton, possibly of alien origin. This museum is a private, family-owned Estevanovichey whose ancestors at the end of XIX century, toured the world with the circus. In each place where the circus, they acquired various rarities — mummies, animal skeletons, fossils and other "miracles."

Estevanovichi moved to Uberaba in 1956, and in 1997 founded the museum, which now houses more than 20,000 artifacts. At the end of August 2004 Two directors of the museum, a lawyer and professor of Wellington Estevanovich Carlos Mano Estevanovich turned to Zhivayya and Jose Eduardo Maia, so they looked at the same exhibit, which was owned by the family for 96 years. Estevanovichi not know where the ancestors of the extracted skeleton, but it is believed that he was more than 200 years.

Ufologists went to Uberaba and carefully studied the skeleton. Eduardo Maia said that it requires further study, if there's something alien or not. Veruska Estevanovich, who studied biology at the University of Bahia, also believes that the skeleton may belong to the stranger, because many of the details do not correspond to normal human anatomy, but some anomalies are well known to medicine. If it's still a freak earth with a huge head (97 cm. In diameter!), Then, according to her, such deformation could be caused by chromosomal mutations, genetic abnormalities, adverse effect of the environment, or both factors in combination with certain unknown causes.

Ufonavigator 10 / October 2004

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