In the courts are regular participants in the Plaza

In Lenin and factory ships Minsk today begin trials of another participant Square — the events of 19 December, when thousands of Belarusians gathered at October Square, and then Independence Square to protest against the rigged presidential elections.

In the Leninsky district court of Minsk began the process of ex-presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich, Dmitry mustache and five other members of the Plaza — a former police Alexander Klaskouski, Andrew Pazniak, Alexander Kvyatkevicham, Artem fungal and Dmitri Bulanov. They are accused of organizing and participating in mass riots and other crimes. Judge will judge Lyudmila Grachev.

On the eve called his wife Statkevich Marina Adamovich. A woman complained that for several weeks correspondence is intermittent and this is how she feels no accident:

"For the second week no letters. Moreover, he wrote that he stopped receiving my letters. Latter received on April 24. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow."

Reporter"And what an update on his health?"

"In the last letter he wrote that allegedly has stabilized the heart rate, an increase of the heart does not complain. But I especially do not give this faith, because such things are not solved in a day. I gave him the necessary medication. He's a strong and trained, and where he continues to train, running around the prison yard. So I hope for the best. "

Dmitry Uss Recently, the phone is not answered. About Alexander Klaskouski-Jr. were reports that before the trial he was mentally prepared, but not more concerned for himself and for his family — a former police officer's wife and her three small children who have actually lost their means of living. Dmitry Savrasov, who was seriously ill in prison, according to the latest data, is feeling better. In any case, prison doctors say he will stand trial.

May 11 in Factory Court begins trial of wife Andrei Sannikov journalist Irina Khalip, co-founder of the BCD Paul Seviarynets and the head of staff Statkievich Sergei Martseleva. They are charged with the organization of group actions violating public order.

"I'm proud of her daughter, she keeps dignity" — said before the trial of the journalist's father screenwriter Vladimir Khalip. Let me remind you, Irina Khalip kept under house arrest. By Paul Seviarynets, which is found in the KGB prison, and did not allow a priest. According to the family, letters from Sergei Martseleva rarely reach.

To conduct the process in Factory Court will judge Jeanne Bryhina.

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