In the footsteps of the contact in the village Derazki

October 29, 2012 6:50

Cases landing of flying saucers and their contacts with the crew in the world of ufology described in detail, but in Belarus so far they are isolated and under-researched. Recently found out the details of another such incident from the early 90-ies of XX century, and is of great value for our region. And September 23, 2012, we organized a trip to the place of the alleged "encounters of the third kind."

In the footsteps of the contact in the village Derazki

The event took place probably in 1992 or 1993 near the village of Derazki Molodchnenskogo district. House witnesses standing at the edge of the village (now it is destroyed) so that autumn evening occurred at the edge of the nearby forest was seen quite clearly. From the words of his son surveyed eyewitness, who at the time was about 6 years old, the day his mom made seaming until deep into the night in search of additional ingredients for pickling not gone to the neighbors. It was about 12 o'clock at night, when the woman saw coming down to the ground plate, luminous pearl light. The size of it was pretty impressive: a few tens of meters.

Distance to the proposed point of observation about 1-1.5 km. Plate is a sphere, the sides of which there were many windows, walking in rows, some of which are lit up. The aircraft did not land, but as it hovered in the air. Beside him there was about 10-15 pieces in tight suits ("sutselnyh" or whole), which shone like reflected light, like a flicker. On their heads was wearing something like a square helmet. The figures are clearly visible — among them "giants" of the big growth and extremely stunted dwarves, but in the same suits. Creatures made some actions that were associated with the measurements: to collect data or samples. In their hands they were instruments resembling a flashlight, they "scan" the nearby forest.

More time passed, and being divided into several groups — one of them moved to the nearby forest, the other remains near the unit. At this time, the picture also seen a few people (about 5) of the same village. All observation lasted about an hour, then the "bad people" mysteriously lapsed into his plate (this point was not observed) and the last very slowly began to rise. The ship was flying a long time and disappeared too long.

Unfortunately, to date, two of the witnesses are dead, one is in Russia, and with another woman from Molodechno chat failed. Residents of homes on the extreme Derazki of any "unusual events" did not know — so much so that terminated in mid-sentence: "Have you heard it … — No, I did not hear anything, do not know anything!". Preliminary examination revealed only place possible traces of rig geologist and nothing more. Unfortunately, bring your eyewitness on the scene failed, resulting in the exact location of the event was localized only very roughly. In the future it is planned to again visit this village and to the measurement instrument in the field.

Event can be described by classical "contact of the third kind", a detailed description of which is difficult to under existing today UFO concepts. Made repeated attempts to "classify" the observed creature, and how to declare all mass hallucinations or distorted reality. At present there is no generally accepted theory that could explain the diversity of cases of this kind.

Ilya Butov

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