In the queue — a businessman, his mother and sister


Gomel Oblast

Says Mr. Alexander, who guards turn in mobile exchanger "Fransbanku":
"In the lines here — I am a mother and a sister. Taken a turn — and stand. Yesterday I was the thirteenth, and now the first in that office. This box office yesterday I was thirteen, and today — the eighth."
People stand in queues and on two or three days — as it takes. "Stranger" with no queues at the exchanger does not slip:
"No one will not pass forward, because all are not an hour or two. I know what I have in the queue. I come and see for whom I stand. Was on duty at night. Can you come at night and see. Critical situation."
The police know how to bypass the problem
In the Belarusian regional centers near the Ukrainian border sensitive people until recently tried to use a better situation in the financial market neighbors.
Says a resident of Mr. Vladimir Bragin:
"We, who goes to salary card" Visa ", go to Chernigov and ATM shooting bucks. $ 200 there could remove one card "visa". Especially the police — collecting cards in Bragin and rides to Chernigov. "
Such shifts, however, quickly noticed a neighboring financiers, or their, Belarus. And have imposed restrictions:
"Oxygen" cover Ukrainians
"The recently abolished the 200 dollars. And now you can remove only 300 hryvnia. So, subtract and subtract. And soon, apparently, all block the oxygen so that our personal card can not be undone."

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